2 Best Bluetooth Hoverboards

In Bluetooth hoverboards you can enjoy music while riding on it but this can effect on battery life. With more battery consumption your device will lose speed and it can stop your machine from working. It is good if you are going for higher distances don’t lose your battery by listening music or other applications. Some companies are offering best and unique features besides battery system and Bluetooth in hoverboard.

1 – Skque 10 Hoverboard with Bluetooth Speaker and LED

If you want to have maximum self-controlling while riding then this is the best one. This product is available with variety of features. You can rotate; take turn or accelerate your machine. This machine can carry minimum 32 kilo gram weight and it can carry maximum weight of 120 kilogram. There are two motor drivers in it which are controlled with your feet individually and they help you in moving, turning and accelerating. This machine is expensive and it can cover distance of 20 to 25 kilometer with charged battery. It takes one to two hours for battery charging and very easy to control. This can be turn on and off and available with free remote control. You can carry it easily anywhere and it is capable of operating in narrow spaces too. Its wheel size is 10 inches.

2 – Hoverzon XLS Self-Balancing Scooter with Bluetooth

If you are looking for a device which is safer than others, then purchase Hoverzon XLS. This device is available in markets with best quality of materials. This is safe for you because it is fireproof and certified by company having best security system. Its battery is protected and multilayered. This product has two motor devices in its pedals with gear stabilization for ultra-responsive control. The pedals of this machine are larger in size and they are designed in the way to give you maximum control over it without slipping. In this machine you will find front and rear LED system which makes it more attractive and it is available in multi colors. This board machine has battery indicator system which helps you in knowing how much battery is left. There is mood system in this device which helps you in riding if you are new rider set practice mode, if you are experience rider then set standard mode and if you are pro rider then set advance mode.

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