What Is The Generic Behavior Of A Ball Python?

One of the most fascinating things about ball pythons is being able to feel their touch and notice how they slide slowly between your fingers. Manipulating your ball python will make it get used to your hand and it will not stress on your hands. Keeping in touch with your ball python is important for the reason that it will give you a lot of information about its health status, notice of follicles or eggs, whistles due to a respiratory problem, wounds, incomplete changes, etc. And it will become even more tranquil and will not feel threatened by your presence. A quiet ball python does not adopt its defensive position of ball and moves normally in your hands. However, there are cases where it is better not to disturb your pet and those moments are as follows;

When it has eaten, it is important to leave a period of rest, so that your pet can perform the digestion successfully. The expert breeders advise at least one day of rest and some experts advise even 3 days without manipulating it. This indicates that there is no exact number, so the number of days will depend on the caregiver and being advisable at least one.

When it is changing, in this period your pet may have some added stress. It is advisable to increase the humidity of the terrarium a little to help in the process and if possible, leave it to rest, so that it can change with tranquility.

These animals feed on rodents, usually mice or rats. To feed them, a prey per week is considered ideal, which must be of a size proportional to your pet. Some breeders prefer to feed more frequently, so that their pet can gain weight more quickly and others do so every two weeks, in any case, the most common practice is a week.

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The food for your pet can be preserved both alive and frozen and both one thing and the other has its advantages and disadvantages.

Live Food

The advantages of live food are that these animals breed with relative ease, so you are going to have a fairly inexpensive food source. Another advantage would be that your ball python will stimulate more appetite with a live prey. The disadvantages of using live food are that, obviously, you must pay attention to them to keep them healthy and to feed them.

Frozen Food

The advantages of frozen food are that you can store them without any special care in a refrigerating machine. After defrosting for hours, making sure that it is perfectly defrosted inside, you will offer it and move to stimulate the pet. Before being offered, it can be heated a little with a dryer, radiator or even immersed in water for a while to increase the chances that the ball python will accept it. Regarding disadvantage, at first, your pet may not accept a dead prey but with insistence and some patience, it will get used to eating it normally.