Tips for Choosing the Kids Shoes Rightly

When small kids start walking, footwear becomes an important element that influences their physical development. There are cute, funny, flashy colorful, full of flowers or drawings of their favorite characters and when they become their favorites, the kids do not want to take them away. Ideally, the kids children could walk barefoot. Since it is impossible, kids shoes provide the necessary protection and safety and prevent them from getting hurt. In this post, we will discover how they should be and what mistakes you should not commit when you buy a pair of shoes for your kid.

How should kids shoes be?

  • Choose them from skin and fabric to promote perspiration in the feet.
  • Make sure the sole is lightweight, flexible and non-slip. This will prevent unnecessary falls of your kid.
  • Footwear should have a low heel to facilitate joint play.
  • The shoe floor has to be wide and round or square. Do not buy a finished shoe for a kids that can oppress the instep.
  • They must have a firm grip on the instep with lace or buckles.
  • Try to keep the footwear low, so that when the kid is playing, the shoes do not come off easily.

Frequent Mistakes When Choosing Kids Shoes

The parents may make the following mistakes, so please correct or avoid them if you have already made any of them.

Choose Them Too Big!

Sometimes we buy shoes larger than the kids needs to last longer. It is very difficult for the child to walk with a shoe that is dancing on his feet or constantly running out of feet. It forces the child to adopt postures that in the long run are damaging and can cause to fall.

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Put On Boots To Get Ankle Fastened

If the footwear does not allow the free mobility of the ankle, it is damaging its development. The boots should only be used to protect against cold and humidity.

Abuse Of Sports

It is recommended that kids use them in moderation because most are made of plastic, which favors excessive sweating, can cause irritations in the feet and even fungi. It is best to choose them from skin which are more breathable.


It is very common for small kids to inherit shoes from their older siblings or from other children in the family. However, it is not recommended practice, since the feet are always anatomically different and each child has a different and particular way of walking. Used shoes always bear the imprint of their previous owner, and they may be deformed, and it is likely that when they walk, they rub or they will not be comfortable. That is why, unless they are completely new, it is best not to use them.