The Importance of Controlling Belly Fat

Belly fat is not a joke and it’s not just about being able to zip your jeans. Belly fat not only makes you look bad but it also makes your body feel bad. Having excess abdominal fat usually results in suffering from type 2 diabetes or a weak heart. Why exactly does having excess belly fat result in illness? Well that’s because it is in near proximity to all your vital organs like heart, liver etc. Pressure is applied on on them and it stops the organs from doing their job properly. The thing is that your belly fat is not just the thick layer beneath your skin, it goes much deeper than that and includes the visceral fat present in your abdomen. That’s how it keeps growing from there and traps your internal organs, making you suffer from life threatening diseases.

If you’re still not convinced about the dangers of having fat coated midsection, then you really need to read our reasons of why belly fat is very dangerous.

Lose the belly fat, increase your chances of living a longer and happier life

There are various studies that show people with large waists are at the risk of suffering from life threatening diseases. If you need convincing evidence then you should know that the National Institute of Health has stated that if the waistline is larger than 40 inches for men and 35 inches for women then it’s time to brace yourself for an impending risk of having a heart disease or diabetes.

Having a strong muscled waist is not a get-out-of-the-hospital-free card, but doctors insist on the point that losing belly fat can actually lower your risk factor of having not just a heart disease but all other diseases. For example People who are obese have a 33% more chance of suffering from cancer than the lean ones.

You see cancer is the mutation that happens in your body and the excess fat in your abdomen produces hormones that make your body cells divide into more cells. This increases the chances of more cell mutations and that means more risk of cancer.

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Lose that protruding pot belly, you can actually have a good sex life

Women claim that for great sex having a good brain is necessary while men tend to have full trust in what they have below their stomach. So if we split the geographic difference and focus on the center we’ll notice what is really needed for a good sex life. There’s an old phrase which fits perfectly to this situation, “It’s not the size of the ship; it’s the motion of the ocean”. Having a strong body, good abdominal muscles actually help maximize the activity that happens below deck.

Let’s put it this way, if you believe that the thrusting power during sex comes from your legs then you’re wrong. It actually generates from your core. Having good strong muscles, in both abdomen and lower back can give you the stamina and strength to make your sex life more pleasurable. This way your partner will be more satisfied. There are plenty of good waist cinchers you can wear and exercise to increase the fat burning process and having a flat stomach with a hard and strong core.

Losing belly fat can actually save your body from harm

When you build a building you make sure that the infrastructure is strong and the core is not made of soft mud or straw or dry and fragile wood. You make sure there is an appropriate amount of solid steel in the core so the whole building remains strong and upright. Same goes for your body, if your midsection, your abdominal area is all soft and floppy with no actual firmness in it, then how do you suppose your body will remain strong and healthy?

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Consider a study the US army did which stated that strong abdominal muscles can actually protect the body from all sorts of injuries. A group of soldiers were given the usual army fitness test where they were asked to do situps, pushups and a 2 mile run. After the test the researchers followed the soldiers closely for a year while they did their field training to track down the amount of lower body injuries they suffered like lower back pain, Achilles tendinitis and other stuff. What they observed was that the soldiers who had been able to do the most situps in two minutes had been less prone in getting lower body injuries while the soldiers who had barely done situps and were more active in doing pushups had no such protection. The study showed that having just the upper body strength was not really good for the body. What offered the body more security was the abdominal strength. Your abs are actually the ones that keep you safe while you live your life and belly fat makes you weak and unsafe. So think about your safety and lose the excess fat.

Lose all the extra fat ‘round your midsection, strengthen your back

Belly fat is not just a protruding stomach and big waist, it is also a lot of weight your body has to carry and your back suffers the most in this ordeal. Your back pain is mostly caused by the lack of strong muscles in the trunk and the extra weight it has. Your muscles which are present in your abdomen do not work separately; they are fully present in your whole torso and are also attached to your spine. Weak abdominal muscles mean that the muscles present in your butt and thighs have to work harder to keep the body working. That has a bad effect on your midsection muscles and your spine gets destabilized which makes you suffer from severe back pain and other very serious back problems.

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How can you lose the excess belly fat?

If you want to live a successful life, win in sports and be more active. Not to forget that with less weight on your body your body is able to let you breathe, which is why you will actually be able to sleep well. So how do you lose all that fat? It’s very easy if you commit yourself to a better lifestyle.

  • Exercise is very important if you really want to slim down your waist, tuck in that pot belly and have strong abs. You can speed up your losing belly fat process with a good waist cincher or waist trainer. A good waist cincher can give you the right amount of pressure needed to slim down your torso. We advise wearing the waist cincher for up to 7 hours every day to get the best results.
  • Having a healthy diet is very important. Avoid sugar and sweetened drinks, junk food and focus on eating home cooked meals. The less your drink alcohol the better. Eat more protein and cut down on carbs. More veggies, fruits and less rice, bread can decrease the fat inside the abdomen.
  • Don’t sit idle and start living a more active life. After sitting for some time in your office or after a class walk around, breathe in fresh air and make sure your body feels the change when you move around.

So, now that you know the importance of losing belly fat, make sure you don’t get one in the first place! Exercise and dieting is the key to losing your belly fat.