How long does it take for Google to index a new website

It normally takes 4 days and 4 weeks for a new site to be indexed by Google. However, it is worth stating here that it is a broad figure and at times we have seen sites who have been indexed in lesser than 4 days. Google has an inimitable search engine following a proper algorithm, and the eternal math that is working behind cannot give us a concrete single answer about how long it takes for a new website to be indexed. Therefore, a guideline of 4 days to a month gives little comfort to people while waiting to see their websites appear in the giant of search engines, i.e. Google.

How long does it take for Google to index a new website

How Google indexes the websites?

The overall indexing process is taken care by search algorithm of Google and bots such as Googlebot. It has real world limitation when it is about the physical space and hardware speed for the servers. The bot is capable of constantly running and turning the endless digital fields of lost information in more than 100,000,000 gig bytes of the index. This is how Google creates a map of the library of the internet.

  1. Googlebot is a web crawling digital robot which has been set to explore the internet and it stops at websites
  2. On encountering a website, Googlebot reads the accessible information on the website according to the instructions given in the robot.txt of the site. Bots prefer reading the published texts and follow the links they come across to bank information. Afterwards, they follow sitemaps that have been provided by the webmasters
  3. The discovered content is sent to the Google servers where all the content is added to the a database
  4. This information is then fed to the computer programs keeping track of the sites that need to be crawled, number of pages to be fetched and that how often the bot must visit those pages
  5. Other programs then determine the value of content and its relevance and hence rewards the sites that meet the strict requirements and criteria of Google
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Conclusion: Googlebot has specific affinity towards the new sites, dead links and changes happening to the existing sites. If you are an owner of a new website and you want to get it indexed as soon as possible, then you need to hire the professional services.

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