How Does The Addiction Develop?

There is a genetic predisposition that makes it more likely that a person will become addicted because his brain reacts differently to drugs. However, this is not the only factor involved in the development of addiction.

The First Contact with Drugs or Alcohol

A lot of people start marijuana or alcohol with their friends, especially alcohol, because it is a part of the meetings and meetings with friends and it is widely considered as an important part of the socialization, that is, there is easy access to the certain types of substances that can produce addiction and encourage the consumption of some of them.

In other cases, the addiction begins with the medical prescription of the certain medications to relieve the symptoms such as anxiety or depression. On the other hand, it is frequent in the addicts the existence of some emotional problem such as anxiety, including social anxiety, depression, family problems, etc. After the initial contact with alcohol or drugs, this person discovers that these substances produce relief from their discomfort, emotional pain disappears, he becomes more sociable and feels better. This effect is not the same in all people for the reason that the genes determine how our brains will react to these substances.

Many addicts have been the victims of abuse or other types of trauma, especially in the case of addicted women and the use of substances gives them relief of symptoms and an escape route. In this way, what can begin as a recreational use among the circle of friends, becomes a kind of self treatment for the emotional problems being experienced.

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Little by little, the life of this person begins to focus more and more around the drug that he uses i.e. how to find it, consume it, recover from its adverse effects like the hangover produced by alcohol, and seek it again.

They do not think that they can become the addicts, but they can control it and leave it whenever they want. They either do not have enough information about the effects of drugs and their hazards or their addictive potential. Also, they may have a misconception of what it is to be addicted, thinking that the addicts are people who cannot keep a job, nor have normal relationships, or become violent. As you see that this is not happening to you, you come to the conclusion that you are not addicted having denial to addiction is the beginning of addiction