To say 2020 was a little stressful might be the understatement of the year. It was a roller coaster ride. And most people turned to stress eating to come to terms with the new normal. Now that things have settled down a bit, people face the consequences of their unhealthy quarantine lifestyle. But there might be hope yet. The only thing is to include some small changes to lose weight.

That is why we have compiled a list of seven tips one can use to beat down body fats swiftly.

These tips are easy to follow and use. Just try to apply them in your life, and you will see the result within a month! 


Research suggests that 40 minutes of moderate cardio daily can help you lose one pound a week. There are other benefits to cardio as well. Doing cardio can be beneficial for your heart and general health. It is also a natural antidepressant. But people avoid cardio because of its dull and monotonous nature. The best way to circumvent this is by mixing up your exercise regimen and doing what you enjoy. You might be happier playing outdoor sports if you’re outdoorsy. But how can you do that with things being as they are? Use technology. Consider using a ski fitness workout app with VR technology to experience an authentic alpine experience. Or try playing on your Wii. Just make exercise a fun experience for yourself.


Sleep deprivation can cause weight gain. One study found that participants gained an average of pounds a week by sleeping five hours a night. So how does this work? There are a few interrelated reasons for sleep-related weight gain. First, less sleep makes you more impulsive. That means you’re more likely to reach for that third donut. Second, the more you stay awake, the more time you have to snack. Third, poor sleep slows your metabolism. So don’t underestimate the importance of sleep in your weight loss journey.

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According to research, drinking more water is beneficial for weight loss and maintenance. Water is a natural appetite suppressant. When you drink water, it takes up space in your stomach. So you feel full despite not having eaten anything. That is why dieticians recommend drinking water before meals. Our body often confuses thirst with hunger, so we end up eating more food than our body requires. Staying hydrated is a way to avoid bingeing on food because of mixed signals. You can also burn more calories just by drinking water since research suggests that keeping hydrated increases your body’s energy expenditure. Replacing other liquids with plain water is also an effective weight loss strategy since most of these drinks have empty calories. So always keep a water bottle handy and do not skip out on your eight glasses of water a day. 


Seeing what you eat is just as necessary for weight loss as exercise. But don’t just starve yourself. Starving has the opposite effect. It slows down your metabolism and leads to weight gain instead. But does dieting work? The short answer is that it does not. Research suggests that 95% of the people who lose weight by dieting gain it all back within five years. So what should you do? First, stop going on fad diets since they do more harm than good. They lead to unhealthy eating habits and a vicious diet- overeat-diet-binge cycle. Fad diets might even lead to food-related disorders. Instead, make a healthy lifestyle change. Eat a nutrient-rich diet and make your food yourself. Include more proteins since they have few calories. 

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Don’t punish yourself. Calling your treat day a cheat day is harmful to your mental health. It associates negative mindsets with food. You feel guilty for indulging, and you might end up bingeing foods instead. Treating yourself is the best form of self-care. Unlike cheating, treating is not disgraceful. It’s important and keeps you sane and happy. But how can you treat yourself when trying to lose fat? Follow an 80/20 strategy for food. Treat yourself to your favorite foods 20% of the time and eat healthy for the rest of the time. You’ll be happier and lose more weight.


It can be because you’re an emotional eater. Or you might be comfortable eating. But, stress-related weight gain is a thing. When you are stressed, your body releases cortisol hormone. This hormone increases your appetite. So poorly managed stress might lead to high cortisol that will, in turn, make you feel hungry. So, more stress + more cortisol = more appetite. That’s just bad maths. Try to meditate to manage your stress. You can also do yoga to manage your stress and lose weight at the same time.


If you have overwhelming cravings, you might be suffering from food addiction. Food addicts can’t control themselves around triggering food products. They may also hide their unhealthy food habits from others. It is a grave problem that can lead to obesity, diabetes, and other health conditions. It’s vital to have the support and help you need to fight such illnesses. Talk to a mental health professional or join support groups to deal with the issue.

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Here’s the short and sweet of it. Weight loss is not a zero-sum game. It needs a complete overhaul of your lifestyle. Exercise and diet are certainly important but don’t over-stress their importance. Manage your stress and regulate sleep patterns. Fix your mental state and be flexible with yourself. Only then can you have a successful weight loss journey.