Modern Sinks: Shapes Colors and Materials

A sink is a favorite item of designers. It largely determines the character of the bathroom interior. Typology, popular materials, fashionable textures and shapes are presented in our review.

Interior designers have a proven trick: to plan the bathroom in such a way that the gaze of the incoming person falls primarily on the sink and the mirror hanging above it. Modern sinks are so gorgeous that they really deserve to become a visual dominant. The floor models are monumental and deserve comparison with sculpture. And just like it, they require a spacious room and a good view.

Modern sinks

The overhead bathroom sinks are designed to attract attention – the designers are passionate about creating striking designs. They give the models an asymmetric shape, complicate the surface with a cut – the edges effectively refract light. Fashion trend: the sinks follow the shape of a freestanding bath on a smaller scale. However, if you like more classical models, you can easily find them. Furthermore, if to look more carefully, you can even find wonderful vessel sinks for sale.

As a consequence of the integration of the bathroom into the living space, disappearing sinks become trendy. Monolithic countertops with a sink-recess dissolve best of all in the room. They are made from stone or materials based on minerals and polymer resins – that is, composites.

Ideally, monolithic countertops are created according to individual measurements. Models can be impressive in size and fit in long, luxurious bathrooms, or, conversely, be compact, saving space. The drain, a functional detail, turns into a decorative element: instead of the usual hole, a thin graphic line appears.

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The developers have learned how to color the sinks. The material is dyed in bulk or a layer of colored glaze is applied to the base. The second option is very interesting as it makes it possible to get two-color- different inside and outside models. Check more details here.

Not only advanced composites, but also modified ceramics help the future users to realize their fantasies. It allows to create objects with the thinnest walls and clear angles. At the same time, they retain all the virtues of ceramics: subtlety, grace, lightness and extraordinary strength.

What to choose?

Choosing a bathroom sink is easy enough. It is necessary to clearly determine the size of the device, its shape, material and color. It is important that it should not only be functional or practical, but also beautiful. It is worth considering not only shells that are traditional in shape and color, but also unusual design models. The original equipment will become the best decoration of the bathroom, will bring a fresh touch to the interior.

There is no need to be afraid of modern technologies and unusual designs. Find a model that combines an attractive look and functionality and such a bathroom will only delight with its practicality and beauty.