How to Stop a Panic Attack As Soon As It Occurs

Panic attacks are one mental health issue that plagues people and, virtually everyone is susceptible to experiencing one at some point in their life. Knowing how you can end a panic attack right when it starts can reduce the impact these have and allow people to resume their normal activities. Fortunately, there are several things that can be done.

When a person has a panic attack, there are hormones released that increase heart and respiration rates. This physiological reaction is beneficial in the case of a real emergency and can allow people to escape from danger or perform amazing feats, such as lifting a vehicle from a person. The attacks can really get this serious and cause people to go out of control.

However, when it is a response to a situation that does not require a strong boost of adrenalin, it can create quite a few problems. The earlier a person can stop this reaction, the better. It is also useful to have skills that will prevent them in the first place.

The first thing a person who is prone to these needs to learn about how to stop a panic attack is proper breathing. Practicing this when an attack is not occurring allows them to utilize the skill when one does. It is difficult to practice when it is happening otherwise.

Breathing should be slow and steady. Taking a slow, deep inhale for a count of five and then releasing for a count of seven is a great solution. This should be repeated several times. Heart and respiration rates should naturally lower. When an attack begins, the person can then employ this new skill.

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Another beneficial way to reduce the degree of a panic attack is to go to a different location. Sometimes certain places can trigger attacks due to flashbacks from a previous incident or an association with a particular person. Leaving the area and taking the time to regroup is essential to eliminating that trigger.

However, continual avoidance is not suggested. Removal from the situation and practicing breathing techniques before returning is the way to incorporate these two suggestions. Keeping a journal has helped many people. By writing down the different things that cause attacks, people can learn what situations need to be avoided or corrected. It may be that certain negative people are frequently around when they occur. Eliminating those people may be what some need to do.

Regular exercise is also beneficial for those learning how to stop a panic attack. It creates a healthier body and releases excess energy. This can make a person calmer overall. Combined with proper breathing and eliminating negative situations, a person should have a reduction in the frequency and severity of attacks.

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For those who have panic attacks on a regular basis that still are not comfortable, seeing a professional may help. There are many counselors who specialize in helping people who are prone to attacks. By combining all of these efforts, any person who suffers from these should be able to find freedom from the debilitating effects that are associated with these and similar mental health situations.