Need Motivation In Your Life; Here Are Some Of The Ways to Do It

Who needs all the Ted Talks when you can motivate yourself? Getting over emotional pain can be such a hustle especially when what you want to do is sit on your couch and mop all day. However, calling in sick to work every day and sleeping in until late in the afternoon is a dangerous road to take.

The best way to motivate yourself is to make sure that your life is organized so you don’t have to do it yourself. If your job is a constant struggle, then you should consider getting a new job. You need to make sure that certain aspects in your life flow naturally.

For instance, you should make sure that you do things you are passionate about rather than doing the things you don’t want. You also need to put a few important habits in place rather than putting things on autopilot. This will allow you to create a structure for your day. Your days will be easier if you wake up at the same time, work at the same time, and making sure you have a productive routine.

You also need to make sure there is flow in your mind for you to be able to focus on the tasks at hand. Find a balance between maddening frustration and boredom. However, despite your efforts, being passionate, developing habits, and a flow-producing environment can fail to work. Here are some of the ways you can motivate yourself:

Understand the “Why”

We tend to focus on our dull moments even though all they end to do is suck out more energy from us. However, if you zoom out of that moment or situation and asking why you are being bothered by it or why you are being bothered by it in the first place will duller moments much better.

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If you ask the question why and you can’t seem to figure out why it is bothering you, then there is really no good reason you should be bothering about it in the first place. In this case, you should just let go of the situation.

Move around

Whenever we are extremely motivated, we have the need to move around and get it done. We should also get moving even when we don’t want to. The simplest form of motivation even when its just fake will be the motivation you need to make it work.

Go for five

Yes! Just five minutes. Start walking for five minutes, working for five minutes, or whatever it is you anticipate to do for five minutes. Five minutes may seem like a little push but it is all the motivation you need to get going.

Find your next step

If you find it impossible to resist a drink then you are well aware that you have an addiction and your next step would be to check into alcohol and drug rehab resources and you would do it because it would be best for you.

The same would be the case if you are having a hard time focusing on a work project, the solution would be to focus on the next step. If the work is too much you will feel compelled to procrastinate, you need to chunk it into manageable sets.

Deconstruct all your fears

You obviously don’t have a fear of getting things done otherwise you wouldn’t have a job to start with. However, if you have a phobia, anxieties, or hidden fears can stop you from getting stuff done on time.

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To make yourself confident, you need to isolate the unknown for you to be able to handle the worst case scenarios in your life.

Find your itch

You need to identify and isolate your itch. For example, if there is something that is keeping you from working, find out what it is and isolate it then remove the problem. For instance, you could be unmotivated because you’re are afraid, tired, restless, bored, or angry. If this is the case, it could be because you haven’t finished the delegated tasks or you are not sure you have enough time.

Kick start the day

You need to always have a plan for tomorrow before going to bed. When you sleep with a plan in place, you will be able to get up early and do all the most important things in the morning. Whenever you build a momentum when starting your day, you will notice that the same will be carried forward to later. A morning routine will allow you to stay motivated.

Find a partner

You need to find a partner who will be your source of motivation when you feel lazy. Find a friend you can take to the gym, or to any important factor of your life. Having a partner will keep you motivated and you will not quit.

Read books

Read books and not just motivation or self-help books but any book that may give you new ideas. New ideas will always get your mental gears going and you will be able to build the motivation. This is why you should read every day. The new ideas will keep your brain in motion and you will be able to speed up the tasks at hand.

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Develop a mantra

You need to find a few statements that will help focus your mind and in return, motivate you. Whether they are pulled off from a tacky motivational song or whether it’s a few words, they will be crucial in telling you what to do.

One of the best personal mantras is “Do it Now” or “Yes, you can do this”. Suh mantras will want you to get started in your job.

Build on your success

Success always creates success. Winning motivates you to do just about anything. Even the smallest wins, whether its finishing part of your task or compliments from a colleague, compels you to want to do more.

You can achieve this by having to-do lists. They will allow you to place the important tasks first. For example, you can exercise earlier on the day, or affirmation to do something later on in the day. Whatever it is, make sure you are motivated enough to achieve it.