Why is a Dog Car Harness Necessary?

A dog harness should be in the possession of every dog owning car owner. For those who own a car, and a dog, and often take your dog for a ride with your car to some unusually dog walking park, you should be aware that just relying on your dog’s life guard instinct won’t do.

Just as you already know, obviously, dogs don’t have hands or fingers to grab on the edge of the window and preventing themselves from flying to all direction during a shaky ride with a car. Because dog is not supposed to be in a car, they don’t have the necessary survival skills from situations in a car. Thus, many pet care developers made pet travel harness for dogs.

The car harness for dogs are made with careful consideration of dogs’ anatomy, made as good as possible to be wear by dogs. There is padding to cover the front body of the dog, and a set of straps, arranging in such a way that will still allow your dog to move around freely in this dog car harness. It is a very nice innovation and is a blessing for all dog owners.

Without providing proper guard with at least some kind of dog safety restraints, you might endanger your dog’s life by bringing him for a ride. Risking your precious dog is not really a good option. What will you do if your dog suddenly got thrown out of the window? Do not risk your dog’s life and get a dog car harness.

What the dog car harness gives to you is not the guarantee of the safety of your dog during car ride, but also good look. The safety device has been created to not leaving the aesthetic aspect. There are several motifs and dog car harness types, offering different look for every types of dog you own. In choosing the right dog seat belt, you should consider the type of your dog and the color of his fur. Choosing a matching color of dog seatbelt with the color of your dog’s fur will make him looking good.

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Choosing dog car harness also needs keen eye in choosing the right restraint harnesses with material that will not cause allergic effect to the dog. If your dog wears dog car harness made of materials or clothing that makes him allergic, and the dog started to move around in the car, just imagine what kind of mess it would be. And that could endanger the life of you and the other car passenger.

Many types and brand of car restraint harnesses for dogs can easily be found in the market or in online shops. You can choose the best one but, just like what had mentioned before, safety first. You have to consider the dog’s safety first instead of choosing only the one that would look good on your dog.