When Should You Plant The Grass Seeds?

Before starting the process of planting grass, know about the pH of the soil and if you do not know the pH then take it to local agriculture authority or nursery shop. You need to get it checked as many soils require amendments to be done. Grass is grown with the help of seeds but if sod is been used in place of seed then professional’s help will be needed. To have best results, ensure that there is good contact between seeds and soil.

Now the question is when to plant grass seeds, well, it is a very important question to be asked before planting grass because grass seeds germinate in particular temperature only. In addition, grass requires proper time and particular temperature to grow. There are seeds, which do not germinate until they have favorable conditions and they are known as un-hulled seeds. If hull is removed then it will result in fast germination so when conditions are not favorable then seeds are sown without removing the hull.

There are two types of grass seeds, warm season grass seeds and cool season grass seeds. Now, when to plant grass seeds depend upon the type of seeds purchased. Warm season seeds cost more than the cool season seeds. Warm season seeds grow during the summer season that is why they should be planted late spring or in early summer so that the seeds can germinate well and you can have the good green garden in summer. Cool season grass seeds grow well in winters so plant them in early winters so that the seeds may germinate well during the season in the conditions favorable to them. One should apply phosphorous and potassium to the soil before seeding.

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Drilling, broadcasting or air spreading, it depends upon you that which one you choose from the available options for planting seeds. It is not that you plant the seeds, the grass will grow and you can sit back and relax. Proper care is required to maintain a good garden; it is not the case of a year or two. You need to take care of garden every year. One must look after when the grass requires cutting, proper water shall be provided, fertilization should be done from time to time. Take care of these points and you can have your own garden made by you. When to plant grass seeds should be taken with proper care before deciding to plant the grass seeds. You can find out more here in order to get the best results.