Tips to Keep Your Hardwood Floors Cleaner

For those people who decide to have hardwood floors in their homes, you are surely aware of the fact that this type of floor can get dirty as easily as how easily carpets get filthy and it is important that you have a good hardwood floor cleaner. It is true that most people of course tidy up their houses and floors by sweeping them thoroughly or cleaning them with a vacuum cleaner for hardwood floor. However, the dirt that you collect everyday can quickly accumulate overtime, and so there is a need for you to remove this grime so that your wood floor can last longer.

There are so many different types of floor cleaners that are formulated for various kinds of wood flooring as well. For instance, if you have a plain laminated floor, it is enough that you use a mop and water with soap. However, wooden floors have very specific requirements. The manufactures would usually suggest using particular wood floor cleaners, so you had better look into what they advise you to get so that you can know which item will be best suitable for the kind of floor you have.

The first thing that you need to take into consideration when in search for a wood floor cleaner to buy is what amount of acidity the cleaner has. Floor cleaners with higher levels of acidity are more likely to remove the polish from the floor. If this is the effect that you want your floor to have, then go for cleaners that are acidic. Otherwise, a pH neutral cleaner will give your wooden floor no effect at all.

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Also you need to know whether the wood floor cleaner that you will buy will leave a residue after being use to clean the floor. Of course you wouldn’t want your floor with any residue after you clean it. And then, if you want a cleaner that will not be very difficult to apple, then you had better choose one that uses a spray bottle. Using spray can also ensure that you apply the cleaner evenly across the wooden floor.

It is also crucial that you check for the dents or small holes in your hardwood flooring. As you know, the floor cleaner for hardwood floor may not be able to reach into the holes on the floor.