The UK Has More Vapers Per Capita than the US; There’s a Reason for That

With the current changes that have been taking place in the world of smokers today, it can be safe to say that vaping has found its place as the “in thing.”
According to the World Health Organization, there has been a steady decrease in the number of smokers globally since the year 2000, as many of them have been trying to find ways to quit the habit. However, rather than die out completely, smoking went on and rebranded itself (e-cigarette) in such a way that it has become “cool.” The Euro monitor speculates that by the year 2021, the number of e-cigarette users should have risen to about 55 million globally from the current 35 million.

Data from the Euro monitor says that the UK has been spending more per capita on e-cigarettes than the US, with a huge percentage of the users being the youth. Research by Public Health England, for instance, shows that one in every ten children between the ages of six and eighteen had tried e-cigarettes, with a majority of them stating that they enjoyed it. The adults, on the other hand, say that this new technology is helping them get rid of their smoking habits while also reducing their risk of getting cancer.

Reasons for Increase in UK’s E-Cigarette Usage

Public Health England has been at the forefront in encouraging smokers to take up vaping as part of its anti-smoking campaign. According to them, e-cigarettes are less harmful compared to the traditional ones and can be a great help to people who want to quit smoking. A survey they conducted on 13000 British adults showed that 60% of those using e-cigarettes had completely quit smoking, while the remaining 40% were still trying to quite.

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The introduction of flavored versions of e-cigarettes also helped make the transition from tobacco cigarettes easier for the addicts and for teens looking to experiment on cigarettes. PHE estimates e-cigarette usage has increased by about 12% since 2017.

Cloud chasing, which has become a new favorite sport for the young e-cigarette users also adds up as a reason for the spike in vaping amongst Britons. There have been quite a number of vloggers posting videos online showing various cloud chasing competitions being held around the world. Most of the youth find such videos fascinating, a factor that has led to their increased interest in e-cigarettes. The market for the sport has been big in Europe, with England finding itself amongst the popular destinations for cloud chasers, having hosted a number of such competitions.

Influence by TV stars and singers, when they engage in vaping, has also played a big role in encouraging kids, whose minds are still quite impressionable. These are some of their TV stars and idols who they adore and wish to emulate and it, therefore, does not need much convincing for such kids to try out what they see being done on TV.

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