How is Surface Book Performance Base i7 Best?

With this latest eminent performance laptop, you can make your tasks even easier. Science and technology has created hype since ages and with every advanced and latest launch related to electronics, it has tried to meet up the requirements of the customers.

Microsoft is the World’s most renowned software company that is known for its laptop, mobile phones, tablets and other electronic devices. It has launched this newest version of laptop which has dual features, serves both as a tablet as well as a laptop with keypad. Now, you can take this surface book with yourself, being easy to carry and high in its performance allows you to carry on with your official work. Also the display screen of the surface book Base i7 allows watching movies and images with high resolution and reputed picture results.

What should you know about Surface Book Base i7? The features that are making its performance noteworthy amid its competitive best must be known by the users of Microsoft, so that you can switch to this high performance version of the laptop.

Here are few significant descriptions of the Surface Book Performance Base i7 regarding its recital that make it best.

GPU and Storage

The GPU of the surface book is not the most famous one, i.e. AMD or Nvidia. The performance of the laptop is even better with the Geforce GTX 965M. It has 256 GB internal storage memory and the core base i7 makes its performance even higher than the Mac Book Pro 13.

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3D Mark Sky Diver

This actually helps to determine the picture and graphics quality of the laptop. The GTX 965M has made it really significant amongst other laptops which also have the built in software for the graphics. The scoring that is obtained from the 3D Mark Sky Diver only allows you to measure the graphics of the PC, eliminating your CPU feat. This makes the device really fast in its activity.

Best Battery

The battery life can last for upto 12- 14 hours with the graphics activity. It has been found to be better than the previous versions that can last upto 9 hours. The high battery life makes it even convenient for usage for long office hours, in universities or during travelling.


The surface book performance base i7 is designed in such a way that it can work as a laptop as well as a touch screen tablet. Surface pen also comes with it, making your any activity on the laptop just one touch away. The screen can be detached and reattached by flipping to almost 180 degrees. It has 3 USB ports and 5 MP front web cam, whereas the back camera is of 8 MP.


The display is 13.5 inches pixel sense. The 6 million pixel set aids you to get the best resolution on the screen for your every work. Surface pen that comes with the laptop has eraser on one end and sensitivity of around 1024 levels of pressure on the other end. You can erase and write your tasks very easily.

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These all features make the Surface Book Performance Base UAE best amongst its series and the comparable PCs on the market.