The ATP (Attitude, Training, Performance) Lifestyle

What exactly is the ATP Lifestyle? For that matter, what is ATP? Well, besides being the fuel our bodies run on every minute of every day (AdenosineTriPhosphate) — it’s a motto. A formula for daily living that can be applied to almost everything we do, from beginning an exercise program, eating healthier, starting a new project or even a new job! Each aspect, attitude, training and performance, work together to produce results. The important thing to understand is that the ATP Lifestyle is different for every person, and can only be manifested through your own will and desire!


This is the first step, and comes in many different forms. It may be that your eager, excited even, at beginning lifestyle changes that will increase your fitness levels. Or perhaps you’re frustrated, unhappy and desperate for something that will improve your self esteem and improve your health. Sometimes it even takes the advice or warnings of a doctor to open our eyes to changes that need to take place. Whatever the reason, it is important to recognize your motivation, fuel it, and begin preparations to act on it. Your attitude must stem from, and contain, the following:

Desire: An urge or longing to make changes or add elements to your life!

Motivation: A method of encouraging you to act on your desire over a period of time!

Commitment: A serious dedication that demands discipline and gut-check moments!


Taking the second step toward your goal is as easy as researching, asking questions and following instructions! If you were going to build a piece of furniture, or try a new recipe, you would need instructions. (Well, most of us would!) And the training aspect is what instructs us on how to make lifestyle changes. How to eat healthy, what foods are better for you, how to estimate your caloric intake, what type of exercise provides the best benefits and how to execute the exercises properly are some topics represented by ‘training’. Some of this information can be researched, (be sure to check the source!) and some should be provided by a qualified professional, such as a personal trainer, dietician or exercise therapists.

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By far the most difficult step — maybe not to start, but to continue! When your attitude is in place, and you have the knowledge, you must act on those elements and actually perform the task. And perform the task correctly! Executing a bench press without proper form and technique will have as little effect as putting the hinges on the wrong side of your hand-made cabinet! The bottom line is, if you’re going to invest your energy and spirit into something, make sure you do it right in order to reap all the benefits. Maintaining at the performance level may take adjustments to your attitude and motivation, but soon you’ll be making the ATP Lifestyle a habit!