What are the Consequences of Using Liquid Spice?

A new form of Spice is now available over the internet, and it’s in liquid form. The Liquid Spice advertisement details how it can be used to get you high using any common vaporizer. The liquid Spice is powerful and intoxicating. It is more powerful than THC and does not show up on common drug tests used for THC. The only available tests for Spice are through labs like Redwood or AVEE labs. A common ten or 12-panel drug test cup will not detect Spice, so the urine must be sent to one of these labs for analysis.

Spice, otherwise known as K2, is a powerful drug that mimics the effects of marijuana, but it is stronger and, in my own experience, more addictive than heroin. No one knows yet how harmful the drug Spice is, but it has been blamed for deaths and ER visits, and more recently, I have heard that it actually causes a psychotic break, and the person will end up at addiction treatment services.

Spice is still legal in many states and readily available over the internet. It is odorless. Despite being called incense, it smells a little like oregano and is undetectable. Any client or patient in a drug rehab could have it shipped to their drug rehab from an internet source, use it, and have no worries about getting caught unless the drug rehab knew what to look for.

The military has recognized the Spice epidemic, and it is becoming a big problem. Like drug rehab, the military regularly tests its soldiers, but like drug rehab clients, soldiers will try and beat the system, and the drug Spice is a great drug if someone wants to get high and not get caught. The military, like some drug rehabs, lacks the funding to send out all of their drug tests to a lab that can test for Spice. So while drug rehabs are tackling the Spice epidemic by sending their urinalysis tests to labs that can test for the drug, the military is in a bit of a predicament. The test for Spice is expensive, so people wanting to identify users of the drug must be aware of the symptoms.

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In my experience with Spice, one of the main symptoms of Spice use/abuse is aggression and agitation after use.

A person on Spice will look high. It is unmistakable. The person under the influence of Spice will look like they are high on marijuana. If the person looks like they are high on marijuana, but comes up negative on a THC drug urinalysis test, then send the UA to the lab and have it tested for Spice.

The drug looks like oregano and smells like it. It is almost indistinguishable from a common spice (hence the name). It can be purchased in small amounts and cheaply from any head shop or over the internet.

Everyone I know who has smoked the drug, while reporting that they didn’t particularly enjoy the high produced, continued to smoke it – a sign that it is highly addictive. In talking openly with clients in drug rehab and out of drug rehab, who started smoking Spice in drug rehab, they told me that they tried to stop smoking Spice but could not, even when they wanted to. The people I have talked to over the years who were smoking Spice would rather smoke marijuana, but because they were required to drug test frequently, they could not and therefore diverted to using Spice. Unfortunately, when people want to quit using Spice, they invariably find that they cannot do it on their own. Thus, professional treatment help is needed.