Shower Styles: Master vs Guest

So we all know a guest shower is for visiting patrons, presumably our pals and acquaintances. We also know that our master shower is our pride and joy, our sanctuary, but what is the elementary distinction between the 2 apart from the obvious. While it’s the details that make a shower special, let’s move beyond the matched fixtures and décor fittings. Showers are essentially an extension of the rest of our home and as such are a reflection of our style preferences, where every piece contributes to the general effect we are trying to create. The choices you make for your master shower are going to be very different from the decisions you make for your powder room or guest shower. The primary difference between the 2 being the application of the end user; where a master bath is for lingering and leisure, a guest shower is for practicality and expediency.

Whereas color, materials and surface finishes describe a specific fashion in your home décor, certain material has to be repeated as a way to maintain some type of coherency throughout your residence. The master bath normally connects onto the main bedroom and is a luxury buying feature that’s demanded by most property buyers these days. When designing a master shower for a couple, both parties ought to be consulted prior to any work being set in motion. Variations in work schedules, intimacy (openness) and privacy requirements will all decide the shower structure and selection of fixtures that you purchase. For instance, couples that use the facilities during the morning at the same time will require more floor and storage space.

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They could also require an outsized bathtub, double sinks, double mirrors, personal robe hooks and double or elongated towel racks and maybe even a shower that fits two. If however they’re on totally different schedules, then their master shower will not require any extra amenities since there is going to be only one user the majority of the time. Maybe a sliding door is needed to shut off any noises coming from the shower when your spouse is still sleeping. This doesn’t mean however that the master bath must be plain, you can still have all of the luxurious amenities but without the duplication.

The guest shower is more about function and convenience. Since they are usually smaller than the master bath and used considerably less regularly, you can use more expensive materials and finished surfaces to impress your visitor while leaving an enduring impression on them. Wall hung cabinets and toilets, heated towel racks and vessel sinks add a pinch of elegance and originality to your guest shower. Due to the guest shower’s smaller size, you’ll be using considerably less in the way of materials which makes going all out far more affordable. One thing to keep in mind is to leave a drawer empty to accommodate your guest’s storage needs and put towels and other shower necessities in plain sight or behind frosted glass cabinets so your visitors do not need to dig for them.

Cleanliness is of high importance in a guest shower.