Learn How to Use ‘Help’ in MS Word!

In this piece of writing, we will learn to practice different ways to start the option of MS Word Help.

  • In Microsoft Office MS Word, click the question mark button to the right of the measure which will open ‘help box’ in a new window, and you can close it with its corresponding button, so do it now.
  • Now, you can press F1 key to open the Help option again.
  • If you have internet on your computer, try pressing the button. It will open the internet browser and display the official MS Office page with tutorials and practical information to learn how to use MS Word. Read the explanations as much or little as you want to familiarize yourself and really understand the help it involves. After closing the web page, you must return to the File tab and Help.
  • Go to the initial screen of the Help.
  • Click the article News. Read them.
  • When you are done, click on the top icon in the form of a house. You will return to the main menu.
  • Then click the back arrow. The last visited screen will be displayed, in this case the article.
  • Click on the icon that has the letter A drawn and seen as increasing the font size, click again to leave it as it was.
  • Then, stand in the search box and type Mail Merge Utility and press Enter.
  • There will be many articles related to the topic. The structure of each article is as follows. In the first line, the title of the article appears with the link to the complete article, and then there are two lines with the description of the article and finally the article’s origin of web appears.
  • Move the vertical scroll bar of the Help window to go through all the articles. At the bottom, you can click Next to continue to see the results. Go observing the proposed topics and keep clicking Next until the option is displayed in a light color. This will indicate that you have reached to the last page. Retrace clicking on and click on that item that you find most interesting.
  • When you have checked how it works, close the Help window.
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With the MS Word Help, you can learn many every function such as sort data, add images or videos, how to use the design elements, alphabetize in MS Word and many more functions which you are willing to learn and use in Microsoft office MS Word.

In this guide, we will practice how to move and select the table in MS Word. Let’s get started.

  • Open MS Word file.
  • Click the second row and the first column of the table which is right under the heading of topics. Enter in 1 as ‘My first document’ in the cell.
    It is possible that there is an automatic numbering, in this case, remember to apply clicking the lightning bolt button next to the cell and select Undo automatic numbering on the menu.
  • Press the down arrow key and type the name of the second topic as 2. ‘The Word environment’.
  • Repeat the operation for the rest of the topics, which are as follows;


  1. My first document
  2. The Word environment
  3. Basic edition
  4. Save and open documents
  5. Spelling and Grammar
  6. Document format
  7. Styles
  8. Page layout
  9. Printing
  10. Tables
  11. Images and graphics
  12. Organizational charts and diagrams
  13. Templates
  14. Match correspondence
  15. Schemes
  16. Master documents
  17. Tables of contents
  18. Trademarks, cross-references…
  19. Security
  20. Macros
  21. Sharing Documents
  22. Word and internet
  23. Websites with Word
  24. Post to a blog
  • After typing the last title, right-click to place yourself in the next cell, which corresponds to the last row of the second column.
  • Then press the ALT + RePag keys. The insertion point will be placed at the beginning of the column.
  • Press the down arrow to put you in the second cell in the Notes column and write 10.
  • Click on the first column of the table. You will see that the cursor takes the form of a dark arrow pointing downwards and that the whole column is selected.
  • On the Home tab, change the alignment of the entire column to Center or press CTRL + T.
  • Since the titles occupy almost the entire column width, you will barely notice the alignment difference. Place the cursor on the edge separating the first cell (Topic text) of the second (Topic text). Click and drag to the right to increase the width of the first column and decrease the width of the second column. With that fits the word in the header, it will be sufficient, because the values of this column will be a maximum of two digits. It is possible that some subjects before are occupied with two lines in the cell, because the width was insufficient. Now the titles fit perfectly into one.
  • Select the cell that contains the note 10, by clicking it near its left edge and then press DEL to delete the text.
  • Now close the document having saved the changes as you are done.
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