Protocol To Wear A Shirt According To The Occasion

For right protocol to wear a shirt according to the occasion, the first thing, and we never tire of repeating, is that each of the garments we wear must go through the ironing process, either by yourself at home or some reliable dry cleaners. In this post, I will share with you a few tips to have the right protocol for wearing the cools shirts you already have, so I leave you with the basic rules.

At Work with Tie

Using a tie means closing the neck, buttoning all the buttons. Masculine elegance tolerates no exception to this rule, and there is only a single exception that if you have had a very long working day already. It is only and exclusively in this unique case that you can unbutton the shirt collar, just this button, not one more. In this case, it is recommended to relax and loosen the sleeves and raise them a bit so as to fine tune the business look, like those lawyers who appear in the movies. It is very important to be careful with the shirt.

At work without a tie

Whatever the season is, you must avoid at all costs open or unbutton your shirt. As a maxim or principle of the shirt wearing protocol, the first button, that button on the neck, could be unbuttoned. The only excuse could be this absolute lack is to make a polar cold and force yourself to take care of health, so that you could button the collar of the shirt. The second button could also be unbuttoned, only without not showing much the neck or chest and also you are not very hairy. The hair that comes out is the number one enemy of elegance. To refrain from wearing jewelry or accessories, a watch is more than enough. The shirt outside the pants is allowed depending on the type of pants, whether it is casual or it is a cowboy, but it is a never with a pair of dress or suit pants.

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At a dinner

Here you can play with varied styles, and it only depends on the season and weather, the place of dinner or the style of dinner you have been invited to. It is best to be well informed and clear of the environment to adapt, since you have many options and combinations. However, in case of official dinner, you cannot arrive just like you do every day to go to work.

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