Discover The Power Of The White Shirt!

A white shirt is certainly more powerful than we think. On the one hand, it can become so boring and predictable for many which is used as a safe means of being fairly decent. Well, the queen of the basics guarantees us the comfort and the practicality when it comes to dressing, especially when we do not have time to analyze and think about what we should wear.

It is precisely the strength and power of a white shirt that makes it the most precious piece in our closets. It is a kind of virgin canvas in which we can paint and express ourselves, and here is the reason that explains its popularity. We use it as a brand, which identifies us.

We all know the famous phrases ‘White Collar’ and ‘Blue Collar’ generally used for men’s clothing and referring particularly to the shirts. It was with the literature of the nineteenth century in the United States that the term Blue Collar was born associating with manual labor and workers, while defining the White Collar to identify the businessmen, men of great responsibility and those who work in an office.

At present in the financial centers of the great capitals of the world, it is imposed and predominates as the favorite dress of men, passing from generation to generation. Men’s fashion has been enriched over the years, with variations of style and invaded by the colors, but the flawless and fresh look of the white shirt gives it a place of honor for eternity.

It is also the attraction and visual effect transmitted by a perfectly ironed white shirt which causes this power, along with the guarantee that it will always stand out even with the most daring neckties, combined with a good pair of cufflinks. Whatever the reason is, the men who wear it, have perpetuated a tradition of elegance and good dress, fashion and distinction evoking the businessmen.

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It illuminates the complexion and face automatically.

It manages to highlight any look that we use giving brightness to the outfits.

It plays the perfect role for the style that we want to give, from a basic and fresh style for the day, through an executive look, to the touch of distinction and elegance necessary for a night event.

It is used to convey the respect and seriousness if we button it all the way up.

We can combine it with many accessories and colors.

It is a timeless garment, which we can use in any season.

In fact, it is a family shirt that a father and son can share without giving a second thought.