Be Wise in Choosing the Blade of your Knife! Or Regret Your Decision!

Your knife can truly be your trusted sidekick! This is true for both outdoor adventures and indoor culinary conquests. What most people forget about is the blade, especially a novice. He/she might be first attracted to the knife’s looks! But, that is not the crucial part! A simple looking knife with a strong blade can work wonders for your project.

When you get ready to select the material of your blade, also keep a selection of top notch stores ready! They will also provide information on the best blades. So, you not only get a strong blade, but also become an informed buyer.

What are the Most Popular & Common Types of Materials Use for Making the Knife’s Blade?

If you are a knife enthusiast, then you already know that the blade material is one of the most important aspects in a knife! Thus, always take your time in finding the perfect blade for your adventures, indoor and outdoor.

There might be various kinds of blades and knives, but what remains important is the fact that what kind of blade material you choose! Here are some of the blade materials that have found recognition among knife aficionados:

The reason for Benchmade knives popularity, even after the disadvantages, is its sharpness and the ease of sharpening. Thus, more about the knives can be determined from

1. Stainless Steel:

Durable and corrosion resistant are the two words that best describe this kind of material. It is an alloy metal, which is made of iron, nickel, chromium, carbon and molybdenum. The percentage of each component may vary, but such a varied composition is what gives the metal its durable nature. It is one of the most popular materials to be chosen as knife’s blade, because of its other characteristics, rust and corrosion resistant. These knives are definitely sharp, but not as sharp as other metal knives.

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2. Carbon steel:

Before stainless steel hijacked the market; carbon steel was quite a popular knife blade material. Knives that are made with carbon steel are very strong and sharp. The best part is the fact that these are quite easy to sharpen, easier than stainless steel knives. It is a popular option as survival knives and hunting knives. The only negative side of this kind of knife is the lack of chromium in its composition. This makes the knives susceptible to rust and corrosion, and hence you need to clean the knife after each and every usage. The reason for its popularity, even after the disadvantages, is its sharpness and the ease of sharpening.

3. Damascus Steel:

Damascus steel is a special kind of steel that is forged from various metals. The method of forging provides a unique look to the blade. So, anyone looking to buy a beautiful blade can go for this kind of knife. They not only look good, but also offer unbelievable strength. The knives are quite sharp and can be used in both your outdoor and culinary projects. You can find some mind-blowing Damascus steel knives at stores like Perkin knives, who specialize in Damascus steel.

4. Ceramic Blades:

These knives are the more home-sick kind of knives. This means that such blades are best used for cutting veggies, fruits, meat and fish in your own home. It has no metal, so the blade is 100% rust resistant! These are average in strength, but quite high in sharpness. The only disadvantage is that they break easy. Just hit a bump and it might be cracked, or worse shattered!

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Now, the list does not end here. There are many more types of materials, like plastic or titanium, that could be used for making knives. These are the most popular, multipurpose knives. Go shopping, and, find one of the strongest blades. Then, all your adventures, both indoors and indoors, will surely become a success.