What is Andropause – Symptoms, Causes & Treatments of Andropause

All women know what menopause is. Some may even have experienced it. Nature has it that men should experience a corresponding condition. Andropause, also known as male version of menopause or in medical terms, hypogonadism which is a decreased functional of the gonads, simply put is a reduction in the production of testosterone in the male. It is necessary to understand what it is before one can take the proper steps to counter it and reclaim your good health and sex drive.

The World Health Organization reported that Andropause is the condition where the male hormones or androgens, is continually declining with age. It is known as a male menopause, where the level of male androgen is at 10% when the male reaches 70 years old, compared to that in his youth.
Another medical term for Andropause is Partial Androgen Deficiency in the Ageing Male (PADAM). This condition has been widely accepted as natural, with symptoms like lower libido and energy levels, mood swings and inactivity as part of aging. However, the decreased androgen level in males makes them more vulnerable to greater risks and symptoms to dangerous health conditions.

Diagnosing The Condition – Definition & Meaning of Andropause Symptoms

Menopause is the condition in women where the ovaries cease to function permanently in the release of the ova, causing a stop to the woman’s child-bearing ability. Andropause can be said to be the male menopause, where it is a menopause-like condition in men. It refers to the slow and steady decline of the man’s sexual drive and function. This happens when the testosterone hormone level drops below normal levels caused by possibly low production of testosterone in the male testes. A male’s testosterones are meant to protect him from harmful health disorders such as bone fractures and heart attack, as does the estrogen for the female.

This male menopause condition is basically the loss of libido in the male caused by aging. A lower sex drive and lack of erections in the morning are two tell-tale signs of impending erectile dysfunction in men experiencing hypogonadism, who tend to succumb to depression and inactivity.

A decline in testosterone levels can result in reduced sex drive or none at all, temperament changes especially grumpiness, anger, reduced muscle mass, reduced muscle strength, increased body fats in the upper and middle body parts, heart attack risk and osteoporosis.

Very soon the general health is affected with the presence of varicose veins, clogged arteries, increased belly fats, hemorrhoids, skin atrophy, high cholesterol and blood pressure. Thus, a decline in testosterone levels can bring on the mentioned conditions. However, many of these conditions can be reversed with some kind of testosterone supplements preferably prescribed by a qualified doctor. Today, a high percentage of males (inclusive of teenage males) resort to testosterone supplements for different reasons, if not to increase the mass of their body and muscles. Using this kind of supplements gives the sportsmen an unfair advantage until it is considered illegal (refer to Anabolic Steroid Control Act – 1990 which outlaws any sale or possession of anabolic steroids which are not used to treat health disorders)

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Thanks to the advancement in medical technology, it is now possible to measure the amount of testosterone in the male to determine the presence of andropause, and its extent if it exists. A low level of testosterone confirms the presence of the condition, accompanied by the declining general health and symptoms arising in the male. There is more to risk than just the loss of libido for the man if he is subject to this condition.

Studies show that this condition tends to arise when the male is between 40-55 years of age.

The Role of Testosterone – A Man’s Biggest Ally

The general well-being of a man is affected by the testosterone, which is produced in the testes and adrenal glands. It functions to build up the proteins required for the body’s well-being, maintain a normal sex drive and erections in a man. Other functions include metabolism related activities such as growth of prostate gland, carbohydrate and lipid metabolisms, blood cell production in bone marrow and the functioning of the liver. Following are a few medical facts on testosterone;

It is the primary androgen of which the testes produce 95%, the adrenal glands in both male and female produce about 5% and the female ovaries produce about 1%. The testosterone is formed from 6mg per day of cholesterol with a normal range between 5mg and 15mg per day, based on the age. The liver then metabolizes it before it is eliminated through urination. Testosterone can be changed into two types of nutrient rich humus steroids targeted at specific body tissues. This bio-change basically controls all the activities of the testosterone as the conversion rate is determined by the amount of steroids present.

Low testosterone levels impact the affected male’s mood negatively resulting in a lack of vibrant sexual performance as well as causing a decline in his mental abilities such as experiencing memory loss. Other effects of this unfortunate condition include impotency, ejaculation problems, erectile dysfunction, urinary problems, decreased levels of libido and a decline in the general health and physique. Symptoms of this condition are weight increase, weakened muscles, stress, facial display of progressive aging and osteoporosis. More serious symptoms include continual memory loss, cessation of sex drive and fatigue leading to irritability.

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Andropause Age – When Does This Condition Normally Begin?

Andropause is a medical condition observed in all men between the age group 45 and 55. The major cause of andropause is known to be the low level of testosterone in the body of males. Research shows that there is a gradual decrease in the level of testosterone in the body of the males beyond the age of 30. Beyond the age of 40, the testosterone level becomes exceedingly low and causes major changes in the body of an individual. The effect is slow and gradual and it does not mark any major change all of a sudden.

Testosterone is also called the sex hormone in the male body. It implies that the reduction in the testosterone level in the body reduces the urge in the males to have sexual intercourse with their partner. This is one of the major symptoms of the condition of andropause. The sexual desire and urge in the males depend on the level of testosterone they have in their body. Hence it is recommended that males should maintain the level of testosterone in the body for happier life. This lower level of testosterone in the body is the major reason for the occurrence of the condition of andropause. Not only this, the level of testosterone helps to stabilize the mental growth and provides edge and agility in males.

The changes produced due to low testerones in the male are slow and subtle but will affect the male’s dexterity, mental or physical exhaustion, temperament, energy level and sex drive. The studies also reveal that the decline in testosterone in the male exposes him to heart attacks, obesity, accidents and osteoporosis.

In case a person feels low in energy and moods swings significantly when he crosses 40 years of age, there are chances that he might suffer from andropause. He needs to consult his doctor in this regard for the possibility of andropause. Doctors or physicians would do a blood test on his body to check for the level of testosterone in the body. If the testosterone level comes below the recommended level, it is very likely that the person suffers from the condition of andropause. However one interesting thing to note in this regard is that even if the person shows the above symptoms, it is not necessary that he suffers from andropause. Those similar symptoms can be due to some other reasons as well.

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Solution to Andropause – Treatment for The Andropause

The condition of andropause may become severe and problematic in case no proper treatment is undertaken. The treatment aims to bring back the reduced level of testosterone to its normal optimum level. The level of testosterone can be restored either by taking oral capsules daily or else by taking testosterone injection which is usually given in a period of 3 months.

Consult your physician quickly for a suitable therapy such as testosterone replacement, and learn more about the condition to help yourself as best as you can.

Andropause Natural Treatments

The best form of self-help is to adopt a healthy lifestyle and a regular exercise regimen which trigger your body to re-start its production of testosterone. Avoid unhealthy and harmful habits like cigarette smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, excessive or unnecessary drugs and medication. Also avoid processed foods and red meat as much as possible while increasing your intake of fresh fruits and green vegetable every day.

A healthy lifestyle with sufficient activities and exercise has been found to increase the testosterone levels in the body together with DHEA supplement. A healthy combination of these two components gives the aging process a slowdown.

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Therefore, the best way to reverse Andropause is to ensure a healthy level of androgens as you would for thyroid hormone. Consult qualified physicians and approved clinics on supervised testosterone administration through different methods for good results to avoid the risks and dangers of misuse.

If your condition does not improve after applying the necessary self-help remedies, that is your energy or libido levels have not increased, consult your physician for other possible conditions.

Effects of Treatment

If the treatments are working, the man should experience an improvement to his general well-being in terms of better moods and sleep quality, higher libido, better sexual performance, increased lean body mass, reduced fat, lower heart attack risks, a higher level of energy for physical activities and a healthier mentality.

If you are a sufferer of andropause, get the necessary help to revert your condition now so that you can enjoy a healthier and more fulfilling life.


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