5 Best Japanese Restaurants In The Whole World

With more than 24,000 Japanese restaurants around the globe, how can we know which is the best one in and out of Japan? Well, with this short list, you will know which Japanese restaurants are the best ones across the world as well as in Japan. We will start this list with Japan.

1 – Narisawa (Tokyo)

Narisawa is a restaurant owned by the expert chef Yoshihiro Narisawa in Tokyo. Narisawa, who studied cooking in France, Switzerland and Italy, combines the classic techniques of French cuisine with Japanese ingredients to create the dishes that are almost like dreams. He makes the dishes that celebrate the beauty of nature.

2 – The Araki (London)

The Araki, situated in New Burlington St. London, is one of the best Japanese restaurants in the world. It is a great restaurant to eat sushi or some spectacular niguiris. You will certainly find it the best ever. The chef, Mitsuhiro Araki, is a master who dominates the technique, temperatures and choice of an excellent product.

3 – 47 Ronin (Spain)

It is the expression of high-end Japanese cuisine. The place is divided into two floors and in different environments. The ideal option is Japanese garden in dim light with only six tables. Also on the ground floor, there is a Japanese bar with view of the kitchen and a wine cellar with more than 200 options.

4– Sho Cho (Dubai)

When you are in Sho Cho Dubai restaurant, you will be served like a VIP guest. With its facilities and services i.e. bar, lounge and restaurant, you will surely fall in love with this place. At the bar, you can have a great time with a wide-ranging choice of the cocktails along with signature drinks. In the Lounge of Sho Cho, you will experience the night with it all colors enjoying the best music beats played by renowned DJs. Of course, you will taste the best Japanese food in this restaurant.

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5 – Masa’s Sushi (New York)

When you’re in the city if New York, you must try Masa’s sushi. Of course, it will take a good amount of money for the reason that this award-winning restaurant is considered the most expensive one in New York and one of the most expensive in the world as well. Chef Masa Takayama launched this restaurant in the year 2004 and in a few years, he has achieved the incredible success because of its tastiest foods.