Why to Organize an Art Exhibition?

In the present times, for an artist to produce quality work is no longer everything. You have to generate audience to get the appreciation you want and deserve and the good exposure generates the audiences. The current artists is an entity committed to his or her creation, but also to the diffusion and consumption of their work. With the help of the appropriate exhibition strategies, we can make an analysis of the potential audience along with the niche market and the tactics necessary to get closer to the target audience.

An artist also approaches the strategies to create awareness and generate changes in order to enrich the knowledge, identity and historical moment in which he or she is living, generating interpretation, creation, recreation and appropriation of the artistic good.

In practical terms, making an art exhibition is similar to writing a story or painting a picture. The process is subjective and objective at the same time. The works and exhibition gallery furniture are used as if it were a vocabulary and are combined in a way that can describe or illuminate an issue of the work or a series of works. The challenge is to maintain the balance between reason and intuition and both are valid for the artist. One of them gives you the distance, open and honest evaluation. The other gives you the closeness, and the own spark that is personal and creative.

In addition to analyzing, describing, criticizing, selecting the work in question, it is also necessary to put into perspective the emotional character of art, since the emotional state is the most used source by the artist and a good curator must also be attentive to that.

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What attracts the public’s interest in an exhibition is also what emotionally implies. This involves, on the other hand, the experience of the artist or curator, what he or she knows about the history of art and what he has collected over the years through experience. Also important is the projection which means deploying something in the mind, imagining and visualizing, and sensitivity which is an important part of the artistic thinking and how the public will contact the exhibition. It is, therefore, desirable that the curator or the artist becomes theoretically and emotionally involved with their project and this determines the main outcome of your exposure in the exhibition.