3 Tips to Find the Best Bluetooth Hoverboards

The latest technology is introducing new gadgets in markets with the latest features each day and hoverboard is one of them. The two wheeled apparatus, also known as Mini-scooters, is getting popular in many countries because of its attractive features. The Bluetooth Hoverboards are used for self-transport and you can travel up to some miles with this device.

This gadget is very simple in design and easy to operate, but it is little bit difficult to buy. If you are new to this device and know less about it, keep in mind the best features and then purchase it. The Bluetooth hoverboards of good quality are expensive and safer than the cheaper ones. When you are buying this machine, never compromise on safety issue because some hoverboards can hurt and cause a big damage. Cheaper boards have safety problems and chances of burning on heating are much higher in them and they are easily breakable. Today, many companies are offering safety certificated devices, so make sure the product which you are going to buy is tested and safety certificated.

1 – Speed

While buying check the speed range it can cover, material from which it is made, pedal design, size of wheels, its battery life and conditions in which it can work and also your weight. The hoverboards are coming with the latest features like Bluetooth, LED lighting system and GPS systems with latest designs. Choose the one which is according to your taste and also make sure about its perfect functioning. Some cheap devices stop working when you travel at higher speed. Before purchasing, check the size and design of pedals because slippery pedals can make you imbalance and chances of falling down are higher in them, so it is better to buy anti-slippery pedaled hoverboard which gives you proper balancing, good gripping and ease while moving.

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2 – Battery

Battery system is critical in hoverboard, so look for battery system which lasts longer and cannot get damaged with some crashes. If your machine’s battery life is smaller, you cannot cover mentioned range distances; with a good standard battery, you can cover the distance of 12-14 miles.

3 – Wheels

Wheels are as important in Bluetooth hoverboards as are others parts. The sizes of wheels are different from smaller to larger. Normally the size of wheels in this machine is between 6.5 and 7 inches; smaller wheels work good but not on all surfaces because when you are riding at higher speed on rough surfaces it can make you imbalanced. Moderate wheels come between 8 and 10 inches and work well. The smaller wheels which are around 11 to 14 inch size are good enough in functioning and they keep you safe, balanced and comfortable even on uneven surfaces. Water can leave effects on the functionality of your machine, so buy the machine which has ability to work in rainy season or on wet roads