3 Best Handheld Game Consoles

Gaming is referred to an addiction, but it simply a passion for some people who love to have a good time with their games and want to enjoy everything properly. It is commonly not possible that you can play all the games you love on the family game consoles you need a handled game console that can be with your in personal and you can enjoy playing it anywhere easily. It is not a big deal to have the best handheld game console with you all the time that will support you in the best and lets you to play all the games you like. If you are looking for the most promising game console then here are the four best handheld games consoles that can help you with the best and portable gaming anywhere

1 – Sony PlayStation Vita

The next option we have is the Sony PlayStation Vita that is competitively a higher in price option but has some exclusive things for you to enjoy. The Quad – Core ARM Cortex – A9 MP Core processors come up with the high performance and the 960×544-resolution screen gives the best view of gaming. In addition to that is comes up with the 600+ games, 1GB of memory, online game store, WiFi, internet browsing and Bluetooth enabled. The high-end graphic technology makes it an amazing option for you out of the list. If money is not a factor for you think it is the perfect deal after Nintendo 3DS XL.

2 – Nvidia Shield

With the 16 GB of memory, Quad – Core Arm Cortex – A15 processor, Bluetooth enable Wi-Fi support, internet browsing and online gaming store the Nvidia Shield brings the best package for you. It comes with the designated display screen with a proper handheld gaming pad with all the up to the mark gears. It is a kind of a heavy handled game console that lets you have a different gaming feel.

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3 – Nintendo 2DG

On the last number in the list, you have the option of Nintendo 2DG that comes up with all the basic and attractive features of a handheld gaming console and lets you o enjoy the best game time anywhere easily. With the Dual Core ARM 11 MP Core processor and upper and lower screen of 400×320 and 240×240 resolution respectively it became a proper combination. The console holds all the important features like the other such as internet browsing, WiFi support and online gaming store. This is surely the best handheld game console you can get.