5 Things to Know about Go Pro Hero 5

Don’t let your memories slip away! Here comes the most prevalent way to capture your moments and hoard them into life protracted memories.

Go Pro is the very famous company for the cameras and with the latest launch of its Go Pro Hero 5, which brings a drone along with a camera, has made created hype on the market. This eminent version of the camera comes with the number of additional accessories in order to enhance the functions of the Go Pro, including the external microphone along with the direct syncing of the videos to your phone battery via ingenious adaptor. The audio as well as the visual stabilization is highly significant.

You must choose the right camera that offers you all the specializations that ought to be a part of the best camera. With the trending versions of the Go Pro Hero, the Hero 5 is the latest one with slight changes and advancements in its results and the image as well as video quality in comparison to the previous versions.

Here are the 5 most crucial things that you need to know about Go Pro Hero 5 in order to select it.

1 – Design

In comparison to the previous versions of the camera, this version has frame along with the plastic casing that ensures further protection and safety during the mounting process. Mostly the features of the Pro Hero 5 are similar to the previous versions and can be carried more feasibly to anywhere. The width of the camera is 62 mm; height 44.5 mm and weight 117g.

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Enjoy assassination of your moments with the classy look and features of this camera!

2 – Shooting Quality

The shooting quality is considered best amongst all its competitive on the market. You can shoot videos as well with the latest drone version addition to its accessories. The resolution the camera is nearly 4000, 2700, 1080p and 1440p at 30, 60, 120 and 80 frames per second. The modes of the resolution can also be switched to wide, narrow, medium and super view, supporting the raw picture capture as well the 12 MP tranquil photos. The image stability is very significant that is electronic, allowing the fixture of shaky photos.

3 – Battery Life

The features of the Go Pro Hero 5 are built in such a way that they draw less battery, allowing it to last for longer durations. This specific battery life feature makes it notable for the travelling usage.

4 – Water Resistant

You can now enjoy capturing photos and videos during sea diving for up to 10 metres without any casing. But deeper waters than 10 m require additional set of cover that provides protection to the camera. This water resistant capability of the Go Pro Hero 5 makes it prominent on the market.

5 – Software

Editing software named Quik also comes with the Go Pro, making possible for the users to edit their photos and videos.

Enjoy capturing your precious moments with this ultimate drone camera version with multiple features, and the best part is that Go Pro Hero 5 price in Dubai is not so high.

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