Which Grass Seed And Season Are Best To Sow Lawn?

Sowing grass seed in the lawn is a complex planting process. It is not just about throwing down the seed on the targeted area. Before you begin to sow the grass seeds, you must know all of the conditions about sowing grass seed in the lawn, otherwise I assure that you will be just throwing your money away. There are many lawn grass seed conditions you should care about, but the best important thing is the present season. The choice of season greatly affects the growth of your grass in the lawn. If you want grass to flourish in your lawn, you are supposed to make the choice for the best reason to sow your grass seed. Just think about it, have you ever sees any gardener sow the seeds in the winter. You must know that winter is the death season for plants, and there are not any plants growing in the winter. The expert gardeners are not stupid, so they know what season is the best one for sowing lawn grass seed.

I know the question popping up in your head ‘Which Season is the best for sowing lawn grass seed?’ and I am here to answer it precisely. In general, the best time to sow grass seed is from August 15 through September. Because during August 15 through September, the soil temperature and moisture are high enough for good seed germination. Also spring is a good season to sow grass seed in the lawn.

Before you decide to plant grass on lawn, make sure you already know the sowing seed and laying turf knowledge in a very clear way. Although the sowing seed and using turf can make a perfect grass lawn, I think the sow grass seed on lawn is better than the turf on grass lawn. There is a difference between lawn sowing seed and using turf on grass lawn.

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The use of turf is the rapidest source to get the lawn, but it requires very cautious groundwork and maintenance when it has settled down fully. Because laying lawn turf is a special plant method that cuts the lawn turf from a good lawn which is growing grass to a new lawn. So the lawn turf delivery ought to be laid in 24 hours. The delay of 48 or more hours will enhance the possibility of turning it into yellow or dry out.