Tips to Take Advantage of the House of Small Space

Just take a walk around the communities under construction to get you the desire to move to a house just like the model houses, usually with abundant space and rooms as for a battalion, but as reality awakens us from the dream, most of us will buy houses with spaces smaller than desired.

Does this mean you have to sacrifice comfort? Contrary to the idea that many have preconceived that only the houses with large spaces are comfortable, you can make the difference and have a perfect home for you, even if it has small space. It is important to create real expectations with your feet well on the ground. Here are some ideas to get the most out of your space.

If it is new housing, check the plan of the property and consult with the builders for remodeling restrictions that the community has. Ask for changes in facade and requirements to add construction spaces such as a terrace, additional rooms or a second floor.

Consult with professionals such as architects and engineers for the estimated cost of the desired improvements. It is important because you will have a real idea of how much you will have to invest. With that amount set, you can know whether or not it’s worth buying the small residence or better wait until you can buy one the size you need.

If it is home for resale, you should ask the current owners, but remember that your goal is to sell. Although many are honest, others may build castles in the air to buy the house and then you may not make those renovations you want. Therefore, investigate well and in case of any doubt, consult the planning offices or housing in your city or county, restrictions in your community.

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If you already bought it and want to make changes, the golden rule is before doing anything, investigating what is allowed and what is not. In most places, hiding does not work thinking no one will come into your house, and it is a risk because you expose yourself to fines and even lawsuits.

You can take advantage of the patio. If it is a townhome or duplex, you could build a terrace outside or put a gate to delimit your space and have more privacy. If the house has very high ceiling, you could build an interior ‘second floor’ where you can put a library or a small home office.

You can convert balconies to terraces. If you are allowed to close the balcony, these spaces are perfect to make a TV area, play space for children or even a small family room..