The Perfect Tips For Lawn Maintenance

I am sure that each and every one of you, who are reading this, have experienced more than once that incredible feeling of connection with nature, of softness and freshness, which means lying on a good, well-kept lawn.

We all are not lucky enough to have a little garden to plant and enjoy, but we almost always have someone nearby place to enjoy that feeling, as well as in public parks, of course. Today’s tips are meant for lawn maintenance.

Use Fertilize Less

It is normal that you die of wanting to fertilize the ground when you squeeze the heat a bit, but do not overdo it, a strong dose will rejuvenate your lawn quickly, but it will also make it more vulnerable to weeds, pests and summer heat. It is better to fertilize with moderation and water afterwards with generosity than the other way around.

Make It More Thick

The weeds look for and fill in the gaps that the grass leaves. That is why it is advisable to plant on less populated areas to make it more difficult.


It depends on the variety you have at home, but now that it begins to warm the sun, do it once every two weeks at least. The ideal time is from June that you do it every week or 10 days, although if you start to tighten the heat too much or in times of drought, I recommend that you do it very often, so that the leaves can maintain the trapped humidity.

The secret is to leave the grass high enough to keep the roots from going hungry, but short enough for it to look good. And above all, do it regularly. Above all, do not cut it when falling or freezing or cold wind, as these tips will burn up from the blade.

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Clean the lawn well before trimming with a rake for removing leaves, branches, stones, wires, etc. for smooth flow of cutting. You should never cut the wet grass, as it would damage the tips and form a paste in the machine that would make your life impossible during the task.

Now you know how much fertilizer you should apply, the advantages of having it more leafy, and when and how to cut it. With these lawn maintenance tips, you will a real carpet of green grass in your lawn.