The Benefits and Disadvantages of Co Sleeping

Dream is an important habit for a healthy development of children, and therefore must be protected with good habits from an early age. For some circumstances, some children sleep with their parents when they are babies and it is known as co sleeping. In this piece of writing, we will talk about definition, benefits and disadvantages of co sleeping.

What it is co sleeping?

Co sleeping is what we call a habit that is in some families that children sleep with their parents in the same bed. There are groups and associations that defend this type of practice and others that do not.

Is bed sharing good or bad for children?

For one thing, it is proven that co sleeping helps develop the link with parents and babies who sleep with their parents. On the other hand, it is not indicated in some cases as it poses certain risks for the baby

When is it advised against co sleeping and why?

The practice of co sleeping is not recommended and contraindicated in the following cases;

  • Before the six months of baby’s life, some studies show that it is safer for the baby to share a bed with his or her parents only after 6 months of age. It is recommended that up to six months, to encourage breastfeeding, the baby should sleep beside the bed of parents in a co sleeper to have easy access to breastfeeding at any time. To check out the best co sleeper, you can read the best co sleeper reviews
  • When parents take alcohol or any medication consistently. Its effects can put the baby at risk of crushing.
  • The parents are smokers.
  • When the practice of co sleeping takes place on the sofa. The baby should always sleep on their backs and a sofa does not have a flat surface like the mattress, which is riskier.

Are there any risks of co sleeping for babies?

The detractors say that the practice of co sleeping can increase the risk of sudden death from asphyxiation and that can make it difficult to back freedom and autonomy of the child and it is difficult to sleep alone in the adulthood, and it may also favor the sleep problems.

What are the benefits of co sleeping for babies?

Co sleeping advocates say that the children who sleep with their parents suckle more, up to a third part more than other babies. They also talk about how attachment and bonding between parents and children increase with this practice, and how safe it feels for a baby who is sick or who needs more attention from his/her parents if he/she sleeps with them.