Recommended Sleep Masks for Air Travel

An eye mask, often called a sleep mask, is an accessory usually made from fabric that is meant to cover your eyes and that slips easily into your small suitcase. It is a small travel accessory usually with an elastic strap that keeps the mask on your head. To use it, simply lay the strap around your head and adjust the mask on your eyes. This simple gesture will allow you to enjoy a state of darkness and block unwanted light when you travel or just to sleep better at home.

Airplane sleep masks allow you to rest when you are sitting on your seat in the plane, on your bus, train or car seat. If you are stressed or anxious when the plane takes off, this travel accessory will allow you to relax while enjoying a restful time, even if your neighbor keeps his or her light on all the way. You can also use it when you take a night flight and you usually sleep with an occlusive mask. A quality sleep mask must be adjustable, hinder almost all the surrounding lights and it should ideally be adjustable in order to adapt to all the morphologies.

How to use a sleep mask?

A sleep mask is very easy to use. Simply put it on the eyes to hide them completely and adjust the elastic strap, so that you do not over tighten your head and eyes. Well, that’s it!

Bedtime Bliss

Considered the best sleep mask, this 3D model offered by the Bedtime Bliss brand stands out for its comfort and softness. During your journey, relaxation and serenity are at the rendezvous with this mask and it is does not press the eyes. It also allows you to blink if you are just looking to relax.

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In addition, you can adjust it according to the size of your head via its adjustable straps. Thus, this sleep mask is suitable for men, women or even children. It also has earplugs and carrying pouch. It is a joy to have a mask that plunges the wearer into absolute darkness.


If you are looking for a comfortable sleep mask, here is the Plemo for a relaxing and serene journey. This sleep mask is designed to travel comfortably with its soft and pleasant material. You can also take advantage of its adjustable elastic straps and Velcro closure. The mask is a little wide and is more suitable for men than women.