Medicinal & Magical Uses, Benefits & Properties of Marjoram

Marjoram is an aromatic herb belonging to the mint family and also close to oregano. It has many culinary uses but there are many benefits and medicinal uses for marjoram, like some magical and esoteric uses. Both the flowers and leaves of marjoram can be used for medicinal use.

I recommend you consult a health care professional to ensure there are no negative interactions of allergies with food or medicine. Always use caution in pregnant women, children, the elderly and people with weakened immune system. It is also advised not to consume high amounts of marjoram or for prolonged periods of time.

Benefits of Marjoram

Some of the most common benefits of marjoram include relief from respiratory problems, anxiety and digestive problems. Specifically, benefits of marjoram include the following;

Use marjoram tea for the common cold, dry cough or earache.

It is relieving for stomach cramps and flatulence. For this, you consume marjoram especially after meals.
Marjoram is diuretic so it helps alleviate water retention, however, it is important to use it with caution, especially if you have kidney problems and if lithium is consumed.

It has antibacterial properties and used in cases of urinary tract infections and tuberculosis. Marinating food in marjoram prevents development of bacteria that could cause food poisoning.

It has a sedative effect and helps fight insomnia and anxiety. For these applications, it is recommended that you consume marjoram or drops of marjoram oil.

It also has healing benefits and painkillers and used topically as an oil to heal the wound.
Its tea soothes in some cases the headache and marjoram oil massage on the scalp relieves muscle spasms that may cause such headaches.

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Digestive properties are also among the benefits of marjoram, especially in case of constipation, but long-term use is not recommended.

It also has an antispasmodic effect that relieves muscular and rheumatic pains when its massage oil is used.
Marjoram oil is used in aromatherapy for stress and has no known contraindications burns so marjoram oil can be as much as desired or necessary.

Magical Uses of Marjoram

Some say that the benefits of marjoram are not just for health. It has been used for centuries for esoteric purposes. In fact, the Greek mythology tells that the Aphrodite goddess preferred marjoram over all other herbs and often used as a main ingredient in their love potions. It is said that marjoram itself attracts love and good fortune chasing bad energy away.

Ruled by the planet Mercury and the element Air, it is also used in protective amulets. Having plants of marjoram in home or office is said to protect from bad energy and bad fortune.

For protection, marjoram can also be used as part of a mixture of water with sea salt, mint and rosemary to water throughout the house.

Perform mutual massage with marjoram oil is said to strengthen the relationship between two lovers.