Is A Cordless Impact Wrench Really Helpful?

Knowing how to choose a cordless impact wrench, also called an impact screwdriver or, is important for the reason that it is one of the most wonderful and time-saving tools you can have in your kit. When it comes to inserting a large and long screw, it has the most conventional blow of a screwdriver. As a result, cordless impact wrench has a hammer action that offers a twist many times greater than that of a screwdriver drill and you practically do not feel the impact on your hand. So these long screws that you have to deal with are inserted without further effort. Now you just forget about inserting the screws by hand when you can have a cordless impact wrench.

It is distinguished by its quick-change hex wrench that does not have a drill chuck as the drill has a screwdriver. Therefore, you will need a set of hexagonal screwdriver bits. You also feel something different when you insert the screws.

At first, a cordless impact wrench inserts the screws like a conventional screwdriver. But once the screws start to get stuck as they get into the material, the hammer action activates and hits them hard. Some care must be taken as the screws reach the bottom, especially if you are inserting screws in a blackboard. But a little practice and a screw cap for drywall will give you the excellent and consistent results.

There is another benefit of using a cordless impact wrench in addition to the rotary hammer action, and it is that it has an axial movement that inserts the drill bit into the screw head. This means that there is less likelihood that it will stick, especially when Phillips-head screws are inserted, which are more susceptible to this annoying problem.

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The less likely it is for a drill to come out of the screw head and ruin it, the more likely it is to succeed by inserting the long screws with one hand, but you should not consider it as a substitute for a hammer drill. The hammer drills offer straight and heavier punches than a cordless impact wrench.

The latest generation of the cordless impact wrenches is impressive due to the hundreds of long screws that can be inserted with a single battery charge. With two batteries and a charger, you will be inserting screws all day, stopping only to change one battery for another.