Helpful Tips to Buy the Comfortable Shoes for Your Kids

There are a few common questions among moms and dads such as the following;

  • When to buy first shoes for our kids?
  • What is the most appropriate footwear for our kids?
  • What type of quality to prefer when we buy our kids shoes?

As there are certain points to keep in mind, we give you some clues in this post.

Baby Shoes

If you are pregnant or have just given birth, you will surely die by the tiny pastel colored shoes that adorn the windows of children’s boutiques. Their power of attraction is such that few mothers are reluctant to buy a couple of different models. If this is your case, you have to keep in mind that the newborns or children of few months don’t like shoes, even if they are soft. Their small feet rather remain open, if it’s summer and it’s hot, or protected with cotton or wool cloth, if it’s winter and cold. In fact, if you manage putting on one of these lovely models, they will eventually off their feet soon.

Although they may not need any type of shoe, they take months to get up and try the first steps. It is better if you can wear your baby once completed twelve weeks and you can use soft socks for the meanwhile but avoid plastics and synthetic leather material. You also choose light colors like white, beige, pink or blue.

Shoes for the First Steps

Until your child has not completed nine or ten months, they show symptoms of extreme maturity in this respect and will not be ready to crawl, stand up and start walking. Around this age, you can start to fit their feet with proper shoes.

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The show making companies for babies dedicate efforts in this regard and make baby shows based as per the scientific studies focusing on the delicate skeleton of children. This extra work surely impact on the price which increases further if it is from a renowned brand. This is why your infant shoes for home are usually more expensive. If you do not want, or cannot make extra payment on your child’s shoe, consider these simple recommendations when you purchase;

  • Look for a flexible and natural material. Try to calculate the weight and select lightweight models.
  • The offers in denim are preferable.
  • Avoid leather until they reach at least five years as they can slip with the risk of an accident.
  • It is better if you choose open models. Designs that keep touching the ankle are not suitable during the first months.
  • Check the adhesive strips do not rub against skin. One trick is to put some soft tape in strategic locations.