Find out the Types of Architectural Designs – Part 1

When you need to have your place designed, you will see that there are a lot of types of architectural designs and you have to choose one as per your requirements instead of making a random choice. Here we will see a few types of architectural designs.

Architectural Design for Interiors

Architectural designs for interiors vary depending on the needs of those who inhabit in the place in question. In general, they are intended to be bright and very functional in nature. In case you already have a predetermined style with which you want to decorate the place, you can already foresee from the beginning the placement of moldings and the details on the walls and ceilings. These points will be very useful in getting the place to have a certain design you wish and it will be highly functional as well.

An important point in this phase is the choice of materials with which to build, in some cases it may be better to use microcement while in other cases the marble. Well, this will depend largely on the person’s taste and what design will reign on the spot.

The latest trend is that the efficient operation of the home in terms of energy consumption is not to lose the sight of, so openings and building materials are determined according to the characteristics of the place. You can click here to learn more about this type.

Corporate Architecture Trends

This architectural style is born together with the new and growing needs of the big corporations that need spaces defined and thought for the accomplishment of a variety of different activities. As the businesses increased their volume and sophistication, it became necessary to increase the number of people employed. The buildings began to be designed bigger and of course higher to be able to lodge in a same place to all the members of the company.

The image that the company wants to give is taken into account when designing not only external but also the reception and the meeting rooms especially that are the places to which the customers enter more on a regular basis.

These days, the image is very important and the companies know it perfectly, so they try to make the right amount of the investments in the architectural design and it is not conceived as something superficial but as an integral part of the project.

Find out the Types of Architectural Designs – Part 2

In the first part, we talked about the two types and we will continue with more types of architectural designs in this post. So let’s get started.

Sustainable Architecture

The sustainable architecture is characterized by the designs in such a way that allows to take the advantage of the natural resources of the place to minimize the environmental impact of the construction to be erected. In this way, not only you preserve the environment but also the inhabitants. It is governed by a series of principles which are as follows;

  • You have to take into account the climatic conditions, ecosystems and hydrography of the place for the reason that these aspects reduces the impact on the environment.
  • Minimize the energy consumption and provide facility for food from the renewable sources.
  • Minimize the total energy consumption of the construction and must include the stage of design, construction and habitability.
  • Evaluate the materials to be used during the construction, depending on the energy content needed in their preparation. The priority should be given to those with a low energy content.
  • Make sure the compliance with the requirements of health, habitability, lighting and minimization of energy consumption.

Developments in Commercial Architecture

Although it is known that each project to be carried out requires certain spaces and distributions in a general way, it can be said that there are some common characteristics depending on the activity to which they are destined.

In order to obtain a functional and useful design, it will be necessary to inform about the uses that will be given to the building to the architects, so that he or she one elaborates the plans having the practicality and future utility of the place.

According to the type of trade that will be established varies the characteristics given is not the same to prepare a place for a restaurant as for a shoe store. It is not only a question of marketing but also of the comfort. In the first case, for example, a different access will be required from the main entrance door to enter the goods without the guests being disturbed whereas in the second example, it is not necessary to establish a second way.

The choice of details depends not only on the architectural design but also on marketing advice. Usually both specialties combine for the best results.

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