Discover the Basic Lawn Maintenance Tips

There is no doubt that a lush green lawn is treat to watch and spend some time in it, but it demand a great lawn maintenance routine to keep it in appealing state or else it will soon give a look of autumn in the months of spring. For your help in this regard, I am presenting the proper lawn maintenance tips in this post.

Mowing the Lawn

A weekly mowing of the lawn must be done. To get a dense grass, it is important to cut it when it rises about two or three centimeters above the ground. If we let it grow more, by mowing it would weaken and you would not get the right density. That is to say, grass should be thin and dense enough that prevents the soil from being seen. The mowing remains serving to make a good compost, since it is the wet material that must be alternated with the dry one in a compost.


Irrigation is essential for the survival of the plants and grass, but for its correct use, you we will have to consider the aspects such as the volume of water to be supplied, frequency of irrigation, appropriate time of the day, watering modes, with hose or automated and quality of water.

Fertilization of the Lawn

When the lawn is very dense and in good condition, it is not necessary to make a reseeding. The fertilizers to be used for the lawn must be long-lasting to avoid the solid-liquid extraction of the nitrogen or to contaminate the aquifers with nitrogen. We will do it three times a year as in spring, summer and autumn.

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As soon as grass begin to yellow, it will be a symptom of lack of fertilizer. A problem that can appear in the lawn, especially if it is in the shade, it also begins to thrive the moss. Moss drowns the grasses that are essential to have a dense and beautiful grass. In the market, you will find fertilizers with a special anti-moss product that will allow you to recover the greenery.

If you do not fertilize the lawn, the grass will disappear and the broad-leaved grasses will emerge. The solution will be to apply a selective herbicide or a slow release fertilizer with herbicide, which will eliminate these herbs. When you are fertilizing, it is important to make a homogenous distribution throughout the surface, taking into account the dosage marked by the manufacturer.


It is one of the essential tasks in the care of lawn, along with irrigation and fertilization, but without the need to make complex calculations to know when and how to carry it out like the others. This does not mean that it is a less important task, since proper trimming and frequency are basics.