Discover the 4-Step Process to Make a Strong Password

Here I will present you with few tips to create a strong password and better protect your privacy on the internet.

1 – Choose a Phrase as a Base

When you make your own password, You can choose a phrase that represents something for you, in any language you know, whether it is a saying, a phrase from a movie you like or a famous phrase. Something you can easily remember. Now take the first letter of each word in the sentence, for example:

2 – ‘I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.’

Now you take first letter of every word this sentence which will result in ‘igmhaohcr’. It is absolutely a unique word which is not available in any list.

It is highly recommended that you use a phrase that has some meaning and is easy to remember for you. Now I have taken a famous movie quote to give you an example, but I suggest that you take a dialogue which is not much famous and you can remember it easily.

3 – Extend the Password

Since you have the word resulting from taking the letters of the base sentence, increase the length by adding the purpose of your password. For example, taking the two results from the previous step;

If you are going to use the key for your Windows 10 system, you can extend ‘igmhaohcr’ with Win10, resulting in ‘igmhaohcrwin10’. The use of the script adds a special character, which is well received when you are creating a strong passwords.

If you use the password to access PayPal, you can extend ‘igmhaohcr’ with PayPal, resulting in ‘igmhaohcrpaypal’.

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4 – Change Some Letters

Now you should change some letters, so that it is not such a direct process. You can change letters by numbers or by different characters such as @ or % following the examples resulting from the previous step;

For ‘igmhaohcrwin10’, you can change the i of win10 by a number 1. Something simple, that is easy to remember and to type. This would result in ‘igmhaohcrw1n10’.

For ‘igmhaohcrpaypal’, you can change the letters A from PayPal to @ which would result in ‘[email protected]@l’.

Having appalled these steps, you would generate strong password for sure.

Now Test How Strong Your New Password Is!

Microsoft has a webpage to verify how strong a password is. Either of the two passwords resulting from the previous step give you a strong password. Optionally, if you want to make it stronger, you can add more characters such as a significant year, or something that complements the password but it is still easy to remember.