Creative Ideas to Make Marriage Proposal with a Beautiful Engagement Ring

There are many ways to make a marriage proposal and it all depends on the imagination of the man. There are formal proposals, simple, traditional, surprising, expected, etc. But a proposal, in which you notice that you have been careful, is an invaluable treasure that any woman will keep in her heart all her life.

If you are about to take the big step and you want to do it in a creative way, but you do not know how, here are some ideas that have worked for other men to get the ‘Yes’ and that can serve you as an inspiration.

At the Movie

An interesting idea is to surprise her in the movies. For this, you require the help of your friends to take it without suspecting anything and before the movie begins, among the commercials, you must transmit a video where you appear or photos of the history of your relationship. The limit is your imagination and creativity. At the end of the video, you will appear in the room to ask her and in marriage yourself in front of all the spectators.

365 Days

If you are persistent and disciplined, you can make a video throughout the year in different places and situations, where every day you ask her to marry you. At the end, you will have a video where you will leave 365 days proposing for marriage. You have to organize a special situation, so that she can watch the video and at the end you will be with your engagement ring and a captivating smile.

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If you are a fan of technology and you know how to make a website or a blog, you can create one where you upload a photo album with your unforgettable moments or a video telling her how special she is for you and that you want to spend the rest of your life with her. You can send the link, tell her to open it at a certain time and browse the pages. At the end, she you will arrive at the section where you ask the question and at that moment you will appear behind to surprise her with the engagement ring. You may need a few friends to help you make the surprise come out well.