Brushing Teeth with Salt – Is it possible to Brush Teeth with Salt?

A lot of people trust home remedies to maintain dental health. Some methods are age-old and are coming down from generations. Brushing teeth with salt is one such remedy that is popular across cultures and regions. Whether this method is effective or not is only dentists can confirm but it nonetheless enjoys great trust among people. Some people think that all the minerals present in the salt are good for teeth and gums while some don’t agree with this view.

You should also know that –

  • Salt is rich in key minerals alike calcium, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus
  • The nutrients present in salt are good for teeth and gums
  • Salt is effective against bad breath and tartar
  • Salt has antibacterial properties and can neutralize acid
  • It’s good for providing strength to the enamel and keeping bacteria out of the mouth for healthy teeth and gums

However, oral care experts warn us against replacing the toothpaste with salt as it can prove counter affective in the long run. Using salt is fine for teeth once in a while but prolonged use can harm the
enamel and pose some risks as well. So, it’s important to first know the use of salt and then try this home remedy for your teeth, especially if you are looking to whiten your teeth. Without proper knowledge, you can end up harming your teeth for sure.

Let’s look at how using salt to brush teeth can help or harm us in different ways –

1. Salt lacks fluoride, so can’t replace toothpaste

Salt may have all the minerals in the world, but it lacks fluoride which is easily the most essential one required for dental health. All the oral benefits a toothpaste provides are mostly due to the presence of fluoride mineral in them. It strengthens the enamel and removes plaque, as both are required for maintaining a better dental health.

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With no fluoride, you can’t trust sale to repair teeth or gum damage neither can it remineralize the enamel. And if you trust it for cleaning or brushing your teeth, you know how oral concerns will strike you sooner rather than later. So, use a fluoride-containing toothpaste instead of salt to brush your teeth and maintain oral health.

2. Salt can cause cuts to the gums or lead to mouth abrasions

Salt is grainy in nature. Its small particles can harm your gums and teeth alike with repeated use. Your gums are delicate and when salt is rubbed on them, it can lead to cuts. Similarly, mouth abrasions are common among people who use salt for brushing their teeth. The soft tissues inside your mouth can not bear the hoarse nature of salt.

Even if this home remedy is somewhat effective in taking away food particles on the teeth, it is still not worth the trust for the kind of harm it can cause to the gums and teeth with repeated use. So, don’t use salt repeatedly else it can harm your oral health more than you imagine.

3. Salt is however good only as a rinse

Not all is bad with the use of salt for oral care. Even experts agree that using it as a rinse is good for dental health. In fact, rinsing the mouth from salt water can help relieve cankers, sore throat. The mix is also quite effective against abrasions. You can gurgle with the mix of salt and warm water for 1 minutes and it can help remove mouth pain. This is also effective in removing bacteria from the mouth to bring relief. Salt water as a rinse is great for maintaining a superior dental health. if you have any doubt, consult dentist Bushwick and know more in this regard.

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