Will Star Trek Beyond Come Up To The Expectations?

In the latest installment of Start Trek called Start Trek Beyond. There are many new characters which have been added, and among them Idris Elba is the most talked about character, portraying a villain.

  • Elba plays a reptilian alien named Krall. Idris Elba is going to kill it and in the first trailer, he was unrecognized under crazy prosthetics.
  • Sofia Boutella is another new cast who is well known for portraying villain with two leg swords in Kingsman: The Secret Service. She plays a character named Jaylah, and she is a warrior.
  • Yelchin and Pegg have been cast, and they both have a total blast with their versions of Chekov and Scotty.
  • Quinto practically channels humor and sardonic wit as a highly logical Vulcan officer.

Overall the core cast has a solid crew of actors in place which makes the film worth watching.

The Writers

Simon Pegg and Doug Jung were recruited to write a new script after the original was put aside which Orci had written. Well, Simon Pegg is known for co-writing the likes of Shaun of the Dead, Run Paul and many other titles. Pegg brings an engaging sense of humor and warmth to everything he writes. While Doug has written for television series. He certainly seems to move towards the darker and grittier side. Therefore, his working with Pegg will balance out some to the others tendencies towards comedy.

The Enterprise Is Gone!

From the previous trailer, all we know is that the crew are somewhere in a native world where they encounter aliens, however, it looks like their spaceship the Enterprise is gone or perhaps destroyed. Chris Pine remarks that they have no ship. But there are numerous questions surrounding the missing operation. This makes fans look forward to watching the release of the film to find out what happened to the Enterprise or the enterprise gets upgraded, be sure to watch the movie upon its release to get answers to this question.

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Star Trek Beyond Is More Optimistic!

One thing that the fans criticized about previous installments is the darker tone in the films. The originals had an optimistic outlook and trekkers and did not like JJ Abrams creative retooling of their beloved science fiction film. But Star Treks Beyond brings Pegg on board with Justin Lin, who will try and balance the delicate task of humor and action. Star Trek Beyond will try and relate to the original Star Trek series. The film story is about frontiers, adventure, optimism and fun.