Why to Visit Cat Island for Vacations?

The official name for Cat Island is San Salvador. The name was changed in 1926 under the Act of Parliament in the influence of a pirate named Arthur Cat. This was named so as Arthur Cat used to stop frequently in San Salvador. People believed that the Cat Island is a gateway to a new and a better world.

The Cat Island is shaped as a fishhook. The island is 48 miles long and only four miles wide, situated between the Eleuthera and Long Island nearby the Tropic of Cancer. It is 130 miles southeast of the Nassau and Paradise Island, located in The Bahamas and has by far the best weathers. The temperature is in higher 60s in the short winters whereas it rises to mid 80s in the summers. The blowing winds make the area comfortable and relaxing to a great extent.

The ruins of the cotton plantation can be seen which are scattered around the Cat Island. The island holds the remains of the slave huts which belong to the 1700s along with the Arawak Indian caves which are still to be explored. The Cat Island is famous and popular among people as it produces the finest rake scrape music and conducts the annual festival which is dedicated to the music. The local residents are very much friendly. The main source for these residents for earning their bread is fishing and lobstering along with farming. The communities are tidy, quaint as well as the mainstay. These are the defining qualities and characteristics of the Cat Island. There are many reason to visit this place which make it a favorite among the vacationers.

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Activities and Splendor and Beauty Galore at the Cat Island

If people want to be away on a unique, private, laid-back, relaxing in a comfortable environment, the Cat Island is the best option for them. The area includes of rolling hills, natural trails along with the beautiful and glorious beaches which also include the eight miles of Pink Sand Beach.

Three of the major reasons to visit the Cat Island are diving, fishing and boating along with these swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing can also be enjoyed there. For making the recreational time of the vacation memorable, the Cat Island is a valid, sane and a good option. The tourists enjoy the beauty of nature along with the fun and recreational aspects here during their Cat Island vacation trip.