What Places Should You Visit In Dubai?

If you are wondering what to do in Dubai, here you will come to know all the places we consider are essential in the tour of Dubai city.

You can do many excursions and most of them will leave you mouth agape. Here we will list a few of the interesting activities to do in Dubai by the sea, in the air and on the sand. All of the victors agree seeing Dubai from the air essential with comments like ‘Who does not see Dubai from the air, he has not seen Dubai’ and ‘Just to see Dubai from the air is worth coming to Dubai’.

You can try it by booking a helicopter ride or a hydroplane ride. Now it is possible in Dubai to experience the sensation of floating. In Inflight Dubai, in the largest and highest wind tunnel in the world, you will be able to enjoy the sensation of weightlessness. Let’s see what places and activities you will enjoy most when you are in Dubai.


It is one of the best things to do in Dubai for the reason that it gives you breathtaking views from the air and the possibility of making some spectacular photos. You have the possibility to choose between three tours depending on the duration of the flight whci are as follows;

Dubai Odyssey, a tour with 40 minutes
Dubai Vision, a tour with 22 minutes
Dubai Iconic, a tour with 12 minutes

All flights depart from the heliport located in Dubai Marina.


It is another of the adventures to do in Dubai from the air, and if I had to choose between seaplane and helicopter, I would stay with the hydroplane. One of the reasons is that its cruising speeds is 320 kms/hour and 200 kms/hour respectively, which allows us, in the case of the hydroplane, to fly over the most important places.

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Another reason is that its offered destinations is greater which is to know in a single day the city of Dubai with two complete excursions from the air and by road through the flights of 25 minutes by Dubai and Abu Dhabi and 40-minute flight touring the city of Dubai from Dubai Creek and Dubai Palm Jebel Ali. If you plan to visit the theme parks of Ferrari World or Waterworld, you can do it from Dubai by seaplane, including tickets and return by road to your hotel in Dubai.

Inflight Dubai

It is experience of the feeling of floating. You will enjoy the sensation of weightlessness or also called zero gravity, and get strong emotions in the biggest and highest wind tunnel in the world. You can choose between Silver flights with a duration of 2 minutes, Gold for 4 minutes, Platinum for 6 minutes, Diamond for 8 minutes and learn to fly for 10 minutes, divided over five minutes per session.

Desert Safari Dubai

If you leave Dubai without visiting desert safari Dubai, you will an adventure of a lifetime. The desert safari is one of the most recommend places to visit where you will find the unique things to enjoy i.e. ride on the sand dunes in a 4X4 vehicle, camel ride, belly dance show, smoke shisha, delicious barbecue dinner and the view of a starry night.