Tips To Maintain Shade Sails

Installing shade sails has multiple benefits. Not only it is a cost-effective solution of keeping unwanted sunlight away, but it also adds to the overall appearance of your house. That is why people quickly install a shade sail just before selling their house. However, regardless of the quality of your shade sail, maintenance is going to play a critical role in its long term sustainability.

Installing shade sails

Proper maintenance also ensures that you make the most of your shade sail. By any means, the upkeep is not a hectic task. All you need to do is to be persistent at the following steps:   

  1. Proper installation is key

Proper installation means you have laid a solid foundation for your shade. Some shades are so small that the idea of DIY installation might look irresistible. It is quite common to save a few bucks by avoiding professional assistance.   

Although being a non-professional, you could have a hard time to fix your shade. There are two primary reasons behind this. One, you may not have the required tools available. Two, you lack in-depth knowledge about designs.  

In case you have these two basics covered, you can proceed with the installation process. It is even better if you have someone around to help you. Otherwise, you should appoint a professional shade installer for long term endurance.  

  1. Frequent cleaning 

Just like everything else, sails should be kept nice and tidy as much as possible. An unclean fabric is more likely to suffer the wear and tear very early due to the stuff like bird droppings, mildew, wet leaves, etc. To make the matter worse, a dirty shade will spread unpleasant odor.  

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It is imperative that you don’t make the mistake of washing the fabric with a robust chemical. Instead of any improvement, this practice will rather have a reverse effect. Modest dishwashing soap can do the cleaning job quite convincingly, and it will also keep the original color intact. You can also apply a pressure wash, but the pressure must be moderate. Otherwise, the fabric will soon become fragile.    

You have to be smart to select a suitable timing to wash your shade. A beautiful sunny day is an ideal time to clean the shade because it will ensure that the fabric gets dry as soon as possible. If your area is covered with trees or remains by and large cloudy, the dark color in the fabric will work the best for you.  

  1. Take it down

There is no need to unnecessarily keep your shade exposed to the weather when it is not being used. Winter is typically the season that hardly makes you feel the need for shade. So it is a good time to take the shade down and preserve it for the needy days. 

Generally, sails can fight with mild air and rain. But it is safest to take them down beforehand when you are anticipating an extreme weather condition. If you could not take your shade down in time before a cyclone or storm, be sure to inspect it thoroughly. Bear in mind that a delayed inspection can escalate the repair charges.   

  1. Slash overhanging tree or branch

If your shade is positioned alongside trees, you have to be always on your toes. You can’t afford any overhanging branch to fall on your shade. It can literally wreak havoc on the shade. Many homeowners make it a point to attach their shades with a tree, but they are also quick on their feet when it comes to the timely trimming of the branches. 

  1. Keep it away from fire 
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More often than not, shade structures are made of flame-retardant materials. It does not allow you to take any liberty with fire. Unfortunately, the fire-related incidents are not unheard of under the shade. Therefore, make it a point not to cook under the shade or practice something which has anything to do with fire. 

  1. Store your shade properly 

The first thing that needs immediate attention before storing a shade is that it must be dry. A damp shade can easily catch the mold. In case you have a water-proof shade, the folding needs to be done rather loosely.

If there is a dry spot in your house, it can serve as the best storage spot. Make sure to put it into a bag. This will save your shade from gathering dust. To be on the safe side, keep sharp tools at a safe distance from the shade.   

  1. Maintain a photographic record

It may be the most underplayed but equally effective way to prolong the lifespan of a shade sail. A photographic record will always keep you aware of the gradual changes in the structure of the sail. Moreover, when you invite a shade professional for minor fixes, they can look into the pictures and determine what might be causing your shade to disintegrate. High-quality images will make life much easier.   

Final thoughts 

Along with increasing the durability, maintenance makes your shade look appealing for a long time. As you can see in the above explanation, you don’t have to take drastic measures in the upkeep process. However, you can’t stay ignorant of the maintenance routine if you want your shade to serve you in the long run. Consistency is going to be very crucial. The best way to ensure consistency is to make a proper schedule of maintenance.  

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