The Role of Cleaning Air Filters in Keeping the Equipment in Good State

Refrigeration equipment is indispensable in a wide variety of industries, i.e. in the processing and preservation of meats, fruits, vegetables and dairy products, in the process of food processing and its subsequent transport and storage, in the pharmaceutical, textile, paper, plastic, chemical, and so on industries. In all of them, the consumption of electrical energy forms a significant part of the production costs of Money filter

In addition to the cost to users of electricity consumption of air conditioning equipment, there is concern for the environment, as 75% of the electricity is generated from fossil fuels consumed by the thermoelectric plants, which use natural gas, fuel oil and coal for its operation, resources that can be exhausted in nature.

However, one of the elements that can have a significant impact on the electrical consumption of air conditioning equipment is the coils, because if it is not properly maintained and dirty, its original performance will be affected and will require higher consumption to meet the required demands. Pollution-saturated coils, dust and particulates, especially in the evaporator, raise the pressure drop of the system, in addition, they cause that the air flow that passes through the fins decreases and that the heat exchange is deficient. To compensate, the fans work harder and if the refrigerant gas fails to change the state, it can reach the compressor in a liquid form and affect the other components of the system.

The replacement or cleaning of air filters along with that of the coils is an indispensable task of any maintenance process. A dirty coil causes less air to pass through the fins and increases the pressure drop. Performing maintenance on a regular basis keeps your air conditioners running in an efficient manner under your designed conditions. The maintenance saves money by extending the life of the unit and preventing the electric power from being raised.

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According to a study sponsored by the University of California, the reduction in airflow caused by the contamination of a coil reduces the capacity of the air conditioning system by at least 5% and reduces the life of the evaporator coil to 7.5 years, when its duration is expected to reach at least 15. Therefore, cleaning and replacement of air filters and coils should be performed periodically to maintain their effectiveness. It would reduce energy consumption by reducing the load of chillers, pumps and cooling towers and would also be spent less on chemicals and for replacing parts.