The Best Japanese Restaurants in Different Countries

Although at first it took a while to open up to the Japanese cuisine, it is undoubtedly a fact that the Japanese food makes its way by stepping in our gastronomy and daily life. There has been continuous enhancement of the quality of the products, the increase in the number of the restaurants and ever greater availability to open ourselves to the new flavors along with the cultures. Today, we can see the Japanese restaurants all across the globe. In this post, we will see a few of the best ones established in different countries.

Isami in Paris

In Paris, you will this Japanese restaurant know namely Isami. It is definitely the most excellent Japanese restaurants in this country. It has a simple decoration as well as menu. It is quite reasonably priced. When you are in Paris, you must visit it.

Sho Cho in Dubai

Sho Cho Dubai is one of the most renowned Japanese restaurants and received thousands of guests on a daily basis. Its seaside dining is one of the most attractive features which brings a really exceptional dining experience for the guests and.

99 Sushi in Spain

99 Sushi Bar Eurobuilding restaurant blends Japanese fusion cuisine with other culinary cultures. The letter is the responsibility of two chefs, Roberto Limas and David Arauz. The wine list is one of the most extensive and selective in the restaurants in Madrid, as it has the incorporation of new burgundies and champagnes, more than 35 different flavors within the 450 options.

Kabuki Wellington in Spain

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Another good option you will find in Spain is Kabuki Wellington. This one fuses Japanese and Mediterranean food. The sushi bar is the heart of the restaurant. Open to the whole establishment is the place from which the chef Ricardo Sanz works open to the customers.

Tomo in Amsterdam

If you’re on the holidays in the city of Amsterdam and you want to have the sushi with real Japanese taste, you are in a good luck, for the reason that you can dine in the best Japanese restaurant in the city known as Tomo. You must not hesitate and try the best sashimi, nigiri and maki of the great quality in the modern environment.

Kintaro in Germany

In Germany, surely the most well-known restaurant for Japanese cuisine is Kintaro. It is located in the city of Cologne. It was established in the year of 1988 by the expert Chef namely Takusaburo Arakawa. There are a lot of loyal customers to this restaurant where you can see how the dishes are prepared in front of your eyes.