Should You Use Dog Harness for Small Dogs?

There is more of an argument for using a dog harness for a small dog, because their necks and spines are obviously not as strong as a medium or large dog, so the forces they are subjected to are much stronger than their larger counterparts. I know most of us still use a collar and lead, and it has been that way for a long time, so why the sudden panic in using harnesses?

It’s much like a lot of things, why use an electric light when you can use a candle? The answer is the same, you don’t have to change but if there is a better option why not use it?

Untrained puppies will benefit from using a dog harness as they are more likely to pull and can frustrate or panic their owners into pulling too violently on a lead and collar if they stray towards a road or another dog approaches when walking. I have seen instances of owners lifting their dogs out of the way of an approaching dog by the neck, which obviously creates more than one problem. 1. Damage can be done to neck or spine by lifting any dog by its neck and 2, if you panic when another dog approaches it will only transfer to your puppy, making it uneasy in the presence of other dogs.

Let’s look at another valid reason to use a harness for a small dog. A collar can easily be slipped i.e. your dog can pull its head through the collar, which is not ideal especially if you are near a busy road. Some owners try to compensate for this by pulling the collar too tight which again can be dangerous. If you use a dog harness, you don’t have to worry about any of this, as long as the dog harness is correctly fitted and you are using the correct size of harness, you are going to be perfectly safe, even if you have the most unruly dog.

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A Chihuahua Harness does more than allow a dog owner to keep the pet close at hand as it treats your dog with the comfort and respect that your faithful friend deserves. Black is one of the classic colors for Chihuahua harnesses, and never really goes out of style. They can be dressed up with rhinestones or fancy buckles, but even on their own a plain Chihuahua harness makes an impressive fashion statement.

It also makes dogs happy, even as it is strong enough to hold them steady (no matter how big or strong). Leather should sit comfortably on the dog’s neck, with a breathability that avoids discomfort in any weather. It’s not a bad idea to remove the collar before a dog goes swimming in a lake, to avoid it snagging on something or getting waterlogged, but beyond that a Chihuahua harness can be maintained with minimal effort. About all it needs is a little saddle soap if it starts to take on an unpleasant odor, which sometimes happens because of the oil in the dog’s neck. To make the best choice, it is suggested to go through a few dog harness reviews to make the final decision, so that there is no issue you face later on.