Should You Let The Exhibition Company

Choosing your own work for exhibition is such an arduous task that many artists simply entrust it to someone else, to an experienced exhibition company if they can. It seems fatal to me because the fact is a cycle that begins with the mental concept, then the production, the post-production and finally the distribution.

I think that you get an excellent external eye to choose your work for the reason that you are unable to discriminate your own work and do a masterful job to make incredible juxtapositions. The mediocre work makes it sublime, and great work turns it into eternal beauty. In short, you have to achieve what you would have just dreamed of your own work or it shatters.

I am totally against that way of this act. You entrust your work to someone else, but you never went with that person in the first place and you said ‘hey, what do you think of me doing pictures of cobwebs? So it is a reliable job which must be handed over to the experts in the exhibition field or else it will be ruinous for you.

You have to find your subjects and you will not ask the editor for advice, neither will you take it to the moment of each piece of your work and you will ask him. ‘Hey Editor, what do you think? Do I use an angle or a telephoto? Do I make a chopped or shot? What do you think of that diffused light, is it good for the subject?

You are responsible for those decisions! And, of course, do not feel it with lightroom and you ask him what he thinks if you should put more vignette? And do we clarify the shadows? Do you like this cut? This is your responsibility as an artist and nobody better knows what you want to photograph, how you decide to photograph it and in what aspect you want the finished photo. If you did not carry the ‘expert eye’ to any of these stages, why should you entrust such an important part of your artistic process as the distribution and exhibition of your photographs?

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It is alright if you have decided to choose the final work of yours by someone else, generally an exhibition company, ensure that the company is proefeisnal and reliable.