How To Prepare Your Truck for Winter

Winter is often a time when people put their extra vehicles into storage. You may need custom truck covers or at least dash covers for trucks to protect your vehicle from the elements during this season. However, there are a few other steps you can take to make sure your truck is ready for the snow, wind and anything else that might come your way.

Have a Winter Supply Box Handy

Your personal safety should be your foremost priority during winter. You never know when you may get trapped in the middle of a snowstorm, and you want essential supplies readily accessible. You should have a box containing a first aid kit, water, a blanket, flashlight and other supplies available. You should also keep a bag of sand in your vehicle so that you can gain traction if your truck gets stuck somewhere.

Regularly Check Tire Pressure

You may still be able to drive over snow on the road, but you need to make sure your truck can handle it. When the weather looks dangerous, you want to make sure your tires have sufficient tire pressure. You can use a gauge to see where they are at and refill them according to your owner’s manual. You can even take your truck to a gas station, where most of them provide free tire air fill-ups.

Inspect Antifreeze and Coolant Levels

Antifreeze is essential to keeping your car’s engine running smoothly. As the name suggests, it prevents the engine from freezing during the winter. If that happens, then you could end up stranded in the middle of nowhere. You should always have a supply of coolant available in case you need to refill while you are on the road. Fortunately, you can purchase extra coolant at the same place where you can buy the best indoor truck cover.

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Start Using Winter-Grade Oil

Your truck needs an oil change once every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. However, when the temperature drops, you want to use a thinner oil. Take your car in for an oil change before winter comes so that you can get this new oil in place well in advance.

Utilize Winter Windshield Wiper Fluid

Oil is not the only liquid you want to think about in winter. You need a reliable supply of windshield wiper fluid so that you can see clearly every time you are on the road. The ordinary fluid is fine for most of the year, but when it is freezing outside, you want something that will not freeze with it. This type of fluid is specifically designed to withstand the impact of winter weather, and it will not freeze once it touches your windshield. It can also help loosen snow and ice on your windshield when you first get in your car in the morning.

With proper foresight, you can drive your truck throughout the winter season without worry. You just need the right supplies, and you can buy everything you need from a reputable online truck accessories shop. You deserve the peace of mind this season, so get started today in buying what you need.